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   Wednesday, October 27, 2004  


As I had said earlier, the most creative ads usually come out from daily, routine and absolutely normal incidents in every day life. Such is this ad of Tylenol Melt-Away tablets. I saw this ad for the first time and was pretty impressed by its central idea. The ad starts by showing a number of kids sticking their tongue out to show that there is nothing on their tongue, indicating that they had just had a melt away tablet (a tablet which is nicely flavored and just melts away in seconds, after placed on the tongue). The concept itself is so nice, such an everyday incident in a kids life. Kids usually have a tendency to show their tongue to let you know that they are eating something or have just finished eating a candy. Applying this to your creativity to sell a product which is best suited for the concept, is an excellent idea in the most parsimonious way.

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In Iran, the minimum age required to be eligible to vote is fifteen years. This age requirement is the lowest anywhere in the world!! I guess thats the reason why they send all their kids to 'madrasas' (to get brain washed) and then ask them to vote. But then, are there as many madrasas in Iran as compared to other Islamic/Arabic nations??
By the way I attended a talk by M.J. Akbar a couple of weeks ago, and he said that people should not confuse between Arabic nations and Islamic nations!!! I did not quite get his point there, I know all Islamic nations are not Arabic (is language the only difference?) but I guess all Arabic nations ARE Islamic....don't you think so?

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   Sunday, October 24, 2004  


It is really fascinating to see how the Google web crawler picks up bits of information and then how your blog is linked up to various search strings. It is also sometimes funny or amusing to know what people are trying to search for on the net and how your blog gets linked into that search. My blog has several visitors like these. They visit quite frequently and each time their search string is the same, but they never leave any comments. Would like to list a few:

Visitor #1. This person types my complete blog address in Yahoo or Google each and every time, visits and leaves. But I guess this is a normal practice...not very amused.

Visitor #2. I had an earlier post on Celina Jaitley, during my early blogging days...I had posted her picture in a black dress, with some of my opinions about her dress! This visitor emerged after that day, and to the present day types "Celina Jaitley pics" in Google and visits my blog. Hah hah...quite funny..

Visitor #3. This person always searches for the 'Mile Sur Mera Tumara' video and pays a daily visit! :)

Visitor #4. This visitor always types 'Holi color pics' and marks a daily attendance.

There are many more, and the list would go on and on...some of them very regular from Austin itself....I don't know why they do not leave any comments....well its upto them! Who ever you junta are, I really appreciate you visiting my blog and do keep visiting again and again!! :-) But it would definitely be helpful if you leave comments and let me know your opinions or what you feel about my blog.

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Milan Ice Bar Gives Vodka on the Rocks New Meaning....Read more here...

Now....That should be really COOOOOL!!!

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   Saturday, October 23, 2004  


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As far as I remember, it was the Shiv-Sena who had changed their election symbol from the tiger to the bow-arrow, after a certain law that animals cannot be used as election symbols...or

Does this picture signify Bal Thackery's latest statement after the elections: The tiger is hurt, but not dead!!
Anyways, the picture seems so ironic!!

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As I had mentioned earlier, Japanese movies are so creepy and well made. Well lets put it this way, that first they are so well made and the horror ones are definitely so good that they are real real creepy. Saw this movie 'The Grudge' yesterday! The best thing about the movie is, you know that something is going to happen now in the next 2 seconds and still you feel those jolts and shudders. Of course the movie had its own separate share of unexpected scares and overall the movie is logical with no masala mix even at the end. I rate this movie as my second best horror movie after my all time favorite 'The Exorcist- The Director's Cut'. I liked the Director's Cut only for the two scenes which were cut from the original movie back in 1979, because the censors thought that those 2 scenes were extremely scary for the general audience that they posed a health risk for cardiac patients. Infact when the movie was released in 1979, warnings were given to those with a weak heart to decide whether they should watch the movie or not.
The Grudge is a remake of the original Japanese movie 'Ju-On'. Its about a house which is cursed by a ghost and anybody staying or even entering the house, is cursed and has to face the grudge. One good thing Sam Raimi and Takashi Shimizu have done is they haven't changed much while doing the English version of the movie. The complete story is based in Japan, with only Sarah Michelle Gellar and a few others replacing the original cast. Gellar plays the substitute nurse who covers up for her friend (who has disappeared for mysterious reasons) for a day to look after an old lady. There she comes face to face with the grudge. A must watch for everybody.....and try to get tickets for the last show of the day to add to its creepiness!!!!!

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   Saturday, October 16, 2004  

The first time I heard the term 'Guerilla Warfare' was while studying history, when they taught us about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Since Shivaji's army was small as compared to the Moghul army, the Maratha's adopted the tactics of guerilla warfare, which basically means you render yourself invisible to the enemy by either camouflaging or hiding yourself and then launching an attack. It really seemed a cool way to to get that one-up over the enemy when David was fighting Goliath!! Then down the ages in 2000-2001 after 9/11 I heard President Bush saying that the Taliban were indulging in guerilla tactics and attacking US forces from the mountains of Afghanistan and that they were cowards!!! (I am not saying that the Taliban are not cowards, but those who use guerilla tactics are not cowards too!!)
Later a couple of weeks back I read this report in the Sunday Times about the use of unmanned aircrafts like 'Predator' armed with Air-to-Ground missiles known as 'HellFire'. These aircrafts are operated from 2 bases, one in Balad near Baghdad which handles the take off and landing of the aircraft and the other base is in Nellis near Las Vegas which handles the rest of the flight mission. The HellFire missiles are around 5.33 feet in length and when fired travel at a speed of Mach 1.1 before hitting the target. The war head is shape charge and blast fragmentation type!
In all the three cases given above the attacker is still invisible to the enemy!!! How ironic, all thro' the ages, no matter how advanced our technology gets, the principle still remains the same!
Another example is the mythological Laxman Rekha drawn by Laxman, brother of Lord Ram, in order to protect Sita from the demons, as he went to look out for his brother Ram. The Pentagon is researching on the use of non lethal weapons which includes the creation of a high intensity electromagnetic/microwave field, which makes the water molecules in your body heat up for a fraction of a second creating a burning sensation and forcing the enemy to flee! How cool to see the enemy heat up!!! :-)

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   Tuesday, October 12, 2004  

Shock of my life...or is it??
Attended a concert by Girija Devi on Saturday, and ofcourse it was just too good! But an incident that took place before the concert sent shivers down my spine for a fraction of a second before I could calm myself. As being a new driver and given that I am a 'Great Expert' in finding my way to new unknown places, I took off from home almost an hour earlier so that considering all the delays I reach the concert on time. Also here it does not work like in India, where you stop the car in the middle of the road and ask the passerby for the address you are looking for! So as per my judgement, after using the complete hour in finding the place, and while doing so, cutting lanes without indicators, taking the wrong exit and turning left from the right lane, giving a couple of scares to the cars behind me and doing every thing such that if a cop had seen me, he would have definitely pulled me over I reached the auditorium and pulled out my pass at the entrance. At that moment I realised I did not have my wallet on me....and that means I did not have any ID on me nor did I have my driver's license. And I had been driving all over the city for the past one hour without a driver's permit. The thought itself sent shivers down my spine. Its been barely a couple of months since I have owned a car and a drivers permit. Usually I tend to forget my cell but luckily I had it this time, so called up my friend and asked him to get my wallet over. I have decided to put/hang something in my car which would remind me of taking my wallet and my cell phone everytime I leave my house!!

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   Saturday, October 09, 2004  

I found this banner posted by the roadside today morning while going biking with my friend. :-)))

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   Friday, October 08, 2004  

Current Morning Mood....... :-) + :-( = :-I

Its Friday morning, and when I woke up at 7.30am I had a certain feeling that made me go back to sleep. Its not that comfy-cozy feeling that makes you go back and enjoy that final 2 minute sleep before you wake up for the day! Woke up completely 10 minutes later, but still I feel that tremendous emptiness, void around me. Probably just like that, the last couple of weeks have been very busy and now suddenly I am focussing on only one thing for the weekend. Sometimes I feel this kind of an emptiness is good, as it makes you concentrate on what you plan to do and leaves you to think all by yourself. I don't feel bad about this, its just that its a feeling which is good and not good at the same time!!

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   Tuesday, October 05, 2004  


Yesterday I received a call from a certain Amy Scarzinski...or something....didn't quite get the last name, but she called up to ask whether I would be ready to handle the acoustics and sound arrangements for an inhouse concert here. She had apparently heard about me at the Veena Sahasrabudhe concert that I mentioned earlier and was quite happy with the arrangements. Ofcourse this is a house concert, so very small-scale with an audience of around 40 people but what pleases me is that she got to know about me and that people do ask!!! The inhouse concert, as the name suggests is at somebody's place and the artist is also an amatuer one. But then I'm an amatuer tooo :-) So the arrangements will not be as elaborate as they are usually at the concerts that I volunteer for, but got to decide on the speakers and the corresponding mixer. The concert is on Sunday and then there is another on Saturday by Girija Devi which Im looking forward to. I will be just attending the Girija Devi concert. I feel goooooood!! :-)

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   Sunday, October 03, 2004  

Week end Movie Update...

Saw the movie Cellular a few days back during the week. My intuitions start picking on me, when I see such a sexy trailer of the movie and then decide to watch the movie expecting something really cool from what it seems from the flick. The movie is kind of OK, with a lot of silly mistakes and dumbo things. Kim Bassinger is average trying to give her best, and look like someone who is really obsessed with a broken phone. The story is really good, and would probably make a very good read, if based on some novel. But the overall movie goes only upto average due to the mere presence of Ms Bassinger.

Also saw Ladder 49 yesterday and what an amazing movie it is....in the sense that such a simple topic as the life of a fire fighter has been potrayed so well thro' out the movie, there is not a single moment where you feel bored. As usual Travolta is just amazing and Joaquin Phoenix stands at the same level as Travolta. Joaquin's acting especially when he meets Jacinda (wife to be in the movie) for the first time is really good...putting him in one of the elite acting categories. Overall a very good watch, definitely worth spending your evening time on...

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I started off from scratch in professional audio and still consider myself to be an amateur. But after attending today's concert I think I know quite a bit. Attended this fusion music concert by Zakir Hussain and a couple of other musicians whose names I cannot remember. Sivamani, the renowned percussionist gave a 'Taang' at the nth moment and the excuse given first was that he did not get a visa, which then later turned out to be like he was issued the visa but could not collect it due to some reasons. Thro' out the first part of the concert the sound level distribution to each of the musical instruments was so out of balance, no matter how hard Zakir played the tabla, it was only the violin like instrument that could be heard with much harshness. This went on upto the intermission, ~1.5 hrs and only in the second half when Zakir gave a 20 minute solo performance was the sound adorable. I always wonder, a mega event like this and there was no professional sound team to handle the acoustics. One could see a visually frustrated Ustad asking God knows who, to increase the auditorium volume of the speakers. All in all the musicians were ofcourse beyond compare, and their efforts were being spoilt by inferior sound quality.

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