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   Sunday, September 27, 2009  

I was in Sheffield from Sept 20- Sept 27 and now in London from Sept 27 to Sept 29. Being on a site visit, I wanted to see how Sheffield was as a city. I liked Sheffield. It is a small and very simple city. It is very economical and apartment rents are in the range of 300- 500 GBP for 1-1 and 2-1 apartments. It is a very live city and I wouldnt mind moving there. Considering that you have a decent pay to support yourself, I think I may enjoy the quality of life in Sheffield. Today I went around London, met up with a friend from the old MSc. days. He is doing his post doc at Imperial College, one of the best colleges in the world. London is amazingly like Mumbai or the old Bombay. Just that it is much cleaner and systematic than Bombay. Still the same old footpaths with the tiles and the drainage holes and lids. There are no houses or bungalows in London and it is full of luxury apartments. It is really sad that Bombay which was like London once upon a time, is not anymore in the name of patriotism and independence. Only if we could have maintained what the British left for us....We walked around the area called Hyde Park and the area around Lords Cricket ground. The apartments around that area are just amazing....simply fascinating. Of course if you wanna buy any of those apatments, they wouldnt cost you less than 5-10 million pounds. Rents for such apartments range from anywhere between 350- 500 GBP per week. Some apartments are located in such a way that you get the view of Lords Cricket ground from your balcony. The weather in London is pleasant at the moment and it is a sheer joy to walk around the streets. I did take some pictures and will post them soon in a couple of days. Tomorrow I hope to take a city tour of London, after I am done with the Canada transit visa thing. That is the only part of my UK trip that sucks big time. Air Canada is just awful. I have to take a transit visa just cos my plane lands in Canada for 2 hours and I change airplanes in the same terminal. While doing this, I have to collect my baggage, and recheck it in. This just sucks big time. I would not recommend Air Canada to anybody.
Anyways, I plan to take the city tour tomorrow and then meet up with Jaideep and his wife for dinner. Tuesday I hopefully depart the Land of the Queen to go back to my routine life in the USA. These 10 days have been an amazing experience. Worth remembering my whole life. Life is good I say, as long as one thinks positively about it. Life is beautiful!!!

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   Thursday, September 17, 2009  

Thinking away....

Life has been god to me. With caring hands like that of my family, professor, and friends...I feel I am set as always to take a major decision coming around the corner. Saturday, I embark to visit the land of the queen. Will be there for 10 days on official work. Hopefully will get a chance to do some local sight seeing. More updates about the experience when I reach there. Looking forward to it :)

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   Friday, September 04, 2009  

Finally Grand Canyon North Rim

Last Friday, as I was working in my lab, the topic came up about my long awaited trip to the Grand Canyon Nroth Rim. I decided to call the lodge at the North Rim and they mentioned that they had one cabin available for resevations for Saturday night. I went ahead and reserved the cabin. Then planned on taking my Jetta 96 to the North rim, something I realized was a mistake later on. I asked 2 colleagues in my lab and they agreed to accompany. So satudray morning at 5am we were on our way to the North Rim. As we reached Vegas, when I stopped to fill in gas, my car broke down, apparantely the drive shaft broke down. So I got my Jetta96 towed to a VW dealer, and then rented a car to proceed on the trip. This was the only upset in the trip and after reaching the North rim, I thought to myself it was definitely worth the trouble. I had always wanted to go to the North rim. It is just absolutely fabulous. We stayed there until Sunday afternoon and then started our journey bac. Overall a very nice experience. The Grand Canyon lodge is neatly organized and you can actually enjoy yur eveing with a drink or two in the verandah type arrangement overlooking the canyon. That was the best part..Here are some pics:

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