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   Friday, August 22, 2008  

Passing Thought

I think I need to find a life partner. Of course this life partner is not going to fall from the sky into my lap!!!! So I need to take some initiative :-) But I think I should find someone. I remember my graduate advisor telling me "Remember, lonliness is worse than hell!! I don't think it is worse than hell....but I do feel I should take an initiativeto find someone!!! Oh welll lets do it! How about the traditional Indian Arranged marriage??? Statistics has proved that arranged marriages do last longer than other types. be it due to compromise or desperation to find a soulmate :P!! Ok now the next step...aranged marriage so be it...Mommy..can you find a girl for me :P..... LOL

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I thought I would post regulary...at least continuously for a week!! Daamn..this work life...for this pathetic company. Is all corporate life like this?!? I think I am doing 25% R&D and 75 % documentaion! Wait...not even 25%....I would say 5%!! Ahhh thats better. BTW this is not me...but Absolut speaking :-)

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   Wednesday, August 13, 2008  

Spanish Olympic basketball team land in trouble for offensive picture

The Spanish Olympic Basketball team has landed itself into trouble by posing for the above picture (making slant eyes) quite some time ago before the Olympics started. Such a gesture is considered racially offensive in the United States according to the American-Chinese Association (Read here) I am not sure how much more is this matter going to blow up, but incidents like these can always be looked in different ways. For eg: the Hook-Em-Horns sign (curl your thumb, middle and ring finger as if into a fist and jot out your index and little finger) is a sport encouragement gesture for the Texas Long Horns Football team where as this gesture is considered extremely offensive in Italy!!! Anyways lets see where this situation goes.

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   Tuesday, August 12, 2008  

Olympics and NBC

I have been trying to follow the Olympics when ever I can. But I have been a bit frustrated. Initially I was sad because during the opening ceremony, I did not get to see the ceremony live, even after subscribing to 400 channels. Then I was glad to find that the Olympics were aired on various channels at different times and so O thought that I would get to see everybody compete in different games. But until now I have just seen American teams 95% of the times competing with other countries and the games I have seen until now are only softball, basket ball, beach volleyball, tennis, gymnastics etc etc. Onnly once did i get to see rowing and then hand ball both in which non american teams competed. So where is cycling, all the track and field events etc etc. NBC sucks big time.

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   Monday, August 11, 2008  


Abhinav Bindra won the first individual gold medal for India in the 10m air rifle category. It is the first ever gold medal for India since the Olympics started in 1896 and the fifth medal in Olympic history. Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra and India!! :-) Read more here

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   Sunday, August 10, 2008  

TOP 250 Movies (http://www.imdb.com/chart/top)

I am not sure how the voting was done for this list. But going through the top 100 I am happy to say that I have not seen only 23 movies. Yaay!!! :)

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I clearly remember, since November 2006 to Feb 2008 I can exactly count the number of movies I saw in a movie theatre. Definitely NMT 5 and these are, Nov 06: The Last King of Scotland, then saw The Inside Man, then The Da Vinci Code, and then Ice Age 2.

I have started watching movies again:

The Dark Knight: Excellent movie..many say it is too long. But I liked it, didn't feel a moment that the movie was stretched. Maybe cos I am also watching hindi movies lately and my threshold has gone up. Another positive thing about the movie, it had 2 of my all time favorite 3 actors: Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine; the third favorite is Jack Nicholson. Batman's gadgets and FX are cool! Batmans cape, his Batmobile and the Bat-bike were the coolest!!! Overall a must see, it is money well spent!!

Journey To The Centre of the Earth: Didn't know it was a 3D movie. Would have put my contacts on before going :P But anyways the 3D glasses that the theatre provided, were big enough and it was good to know that they designed them keeping in mind people who wear spectacles (wow, haven't used the word 'spectacles' for quite sometime...seems like an ancient word now :-)
The 3D effects are good. The movie is a good one time watch. Try to take the matinee show (before 6pm) and I would say it is money OK spent. It is of course a movie to see with your brains aside. Do not try to put logic in the movie, just go with the flow, you will enjoy it especially the journey to and from the centre of the earth.

Pineapple Express: This is a different action-comedy movie. You may like it or may not. Seth Rogen and James Franco make up a good team. The last part of the movie does feel stretched and I just got up and left not waiting to see the ending 10-15 minutes I guess. But the humor and the acting is good. The movie is about Dale Denton (Seth) who works as a guy who delivers supeonas to people. If he is not doing that, he is smoking weed all the time. He buys his weed from Saul (James) and one fine day Saul sells him a new type of weed called Pineapple Express. Dale while smoking Pineapple outside a house, witnesses a murder by a corrupt cop and her drug lord accomplice. Dale throws the Pineapple Express cigratte butt there and flees and the cop and the drug lord are hit on his heels. The movie is all about Dale and Saul trying to get away and save themselves from getting killed by the corrupt cop and the drug lord. Saul has to join Dale since he is the only one who is selling Pineapple Express in that city.
Overall a free flowing movie which I said you may like or you may not. See it by your own choice.

Swing Vote: I think Swing Vote is next best to The Dark Knight or even better since they both belong to different categories. Swing Vote is about how the U.S Presindential race boils down to one single vote of Bud (Costner) which will decide who will become the next U.S president. Bud's daughter is Molly (Madeline Carroll) who is really intelligent and witty with her head right on her shoulders. Costner and Carroll make up an excellent Father-Daughter team.

I am glad that my first four movies of this summer have been good and not a let down. This also prompted me to go in for the Regals Reward card since I will now be watching quite some movies!! That reminds me I haven't seen a real good horror movie since The Grudge. Hmm I hope a good horror flick comes by soon.

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Hello Again!!

So its been exactly six months since I came to this crappy town, and the only driving point for me to stay here is my job and the money. I call this town crappy cos its small and I am not grumbling about it, cos I knew what I was getting myself into. Being used to a unversity town like Austin, and the amount of time spent there (7 years of my graduate life) I knew I was going to have a tough time getting used to this place. Not that Im a social freak and an extrovert, but even then I made a nice circle of friends in Austin and being kind of a loner, knew how to find things to do where you dont need a group of friends. 10 things that I miss about Austin:

1. The University of Texas at Austin & friends!!!
2. All the University activities: live musical performances- Classical and non classical.
3. ICMCA The Indian Classical Music Circle of Austin
4. Art exhibitions- not that I understand much about art, but the calmness that prevails in an art exhibition venue is comparable to something like in a place of worship.
5. And talking about places of worship: the Ganpati temple in a place near Austin called Temple, Texas. Its one of the best temples that I have seen around- again here its not the structure that IM talking about but the atmosphere inside the temple, the calmness, and the serenity of the place.
6. I MISS MY APARTMENT!! My wonderful cozy 1-1 with a simple futon and the ultra cozy Papasaan chair. I pay more than double the rent here for my apartment but its still not even half cozy than my Austin apartment.
7. I miss all the great and economical eating places of Austin.
8. Talking about eating places, reminds me of drinking places: and that I miss TRUDY's and their Mexican Martini and margaritas.
9. The Austin Public Library and its DVD collection of independent movies.
10.The Texas heat and the rains and thunderstorms.

Maybe some time in the future...I shall post 10 things that I like about this place :-)

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