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   Friday, January 29, 2010  

Getting into the groove and loving it!

Ever since I started working for my new employer here in Sheffield, today I really felt like i'm getting into the groove of work, and needless to say I am loving it. Definitely there are differences- geographical, meteorological and otherwise that cannot be matched to my previous location (LA, California) but I always feel once you get involved in work there are no bounds and no limits! I always say and think, life's been good and guess always will....touch wood.. Did I ever mention that I am into a relationship? Oh well yes, I am for those whom this might be news. I started knowing her since June last year and this winter (Dec 2009) decided to take the plunge. As I always used to say to my friends when they decided to get married 'Another one bites the dust'. She is the most amazing person on earth and I feel really lucky to have a life partner as understanding and loving as her. I always say what have I done to deserve her. Definitely nothing in this life, so it has to be something in the previous life. This is the first time in my life that I can call her as mine and feel confident about that with no second thoughts. I guess we both understand the importance, responsibility and committment involved in going into a relationship and we are both happy about that. Though...sometimes I do think she is very extremely caring and loving...much more than what I am or what I deserve...
On the job front, I had to take a few advanced courses related to work thro' out the last 2 weeks, and its been good. now its up to me to sit down and regurgitate the information that I ingested over the 2 weeks, got to do that, or its gonna pass away out of me as excreta!
I still have to make friends and a so called 'social circle' in Sheffield other than work friends. Really dunno when thats gonna happen, but I am not too worried about it.
I think I am starting to like Sheffield....lets see how it goes :) more later...as time passes.

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   Friday, November 27, 2009  

A Passing Thought!

Cajun seasoning bought here in the UK is so much more intense and flavorful as compared to the one that I used to get back in California. Same company, McCormick but this ones really amazing. Its just not my imagination cos I think Im an expert atleast in cajun seasoning :)

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   Thursday, November 26, 2009  

Moving to United Kingdom (Part 2)

Thursday November 26th 26th November 2009, It is Thanksgiving Day today, my first one in the United Kingdom. Of course there is nothing such as Thanksgiving day here, so I did feel a bit that I should have stayed back and spent some time with my sister before joining here. A couple of weeks would not have made that big a difference, isn't it? But anyways, prepared some great blackened salmon for dinner. The salmon is definitely fresh and better that what I used to get in California. So blackened Salmon and Chianti. Very nice combination, anyone should try that out, won't be dissappointed :). By the way, I am enjoying my work. My boss is very supportive and always eager to teach me many things. So are the others! Now it just depends completely on myself and my initiative. On the miscellaneous side, I still have to get a cell phone. Thinking of getting an I-Phone, mostly will. Also need to join the gym since I really need to work out as my job is a desk job. Rest best...more later...

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   Saturday, November 21, 2009  

Moving to United Kingdom (Part 1)

So I have finally moved to the United Kingdom. I came here on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009. Reached the city of Sheffield at around 4.00pm. My flight from Los Angeles to London Heathrow was smooth. The immigration at London took a while as there was a big line. Vaun Newton was right there in the passenger lounge and I was glad to see him. Since I did not have anything to declare I breezed thorugh the green channel. The city of Sheffield is very much like a University town. With 2 big schools, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, it reminds me a lot like Austin, where I did my Ph.D from. I live in the City Center, which is similar to what one may call it as downtown. My flat (term for apartment in UK) is in a high rise building on the 13th floor. Its a real delight to stay in such a nice area at an economical rent. The floks with whom I have signed up for the job are also nice. Today is my third day in Sheffield and I ahve realized that there are a lot of amazing places to eat around here. Right from african, carrebean, persian, mediterrean, japanese, chinese, thai, and ofcourse Indian cuisine, all of these places within a walking diatance from where I stay. My apartment is a cozy place with one wall of the living room and the bedroom of full glass from the floor to the ceiling. Its a nice view of the full city of sheffield from the window. The American way of greeting people is either 'Hi' or How are you doing?....in UK or perhaps in Sheffield, people greet by asking " Are you alright?"
In terms of logistics, it is very muchlike the US. Opening a bank account, getting a Vinage phone connection and doing groceries without a car were a peice of cake. One wierd thing here is that calls to customer service phones are not free and are heavily charged if the calls are made thro a different line other than the customer service company. That is, if I call a cable company customer service number using my vonage account then Im paying almost 1GBP for 5 minutes of talk time. So how is one supposed to call a customer service number? Calling customer service and getting help here is an expensive affair. But if I call Vonage customer service using my Vonage phone, then it is free. Hence I call it wierd.

So far so good and I expect all this to get even better :) Keeping my fingers crossed.

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   Sunday, September 27, 2009  

I was in Sheffield from Sept 20- Sept 27 and now in London from Sept 27 to Sept 29. Being on a site visit, I wanted to see how Sheffield was as a city. I liked Sheffield. It is a small and very simple city. It is very economical and apartment rents are in the range of 300- 500 GBP for 1-1 and 2-1 apartments. It is a very live city and I wouldnt mind moving there. Considering that you have a decent pay to support yourself, I think I may enjoy the quality of life in Sheffield. Today I went around London, met up with a friend from the old MSc. days. He is doing his post doc at Imperial College, one of the best colleges in the world. London is amazingly like Mumbai or the old Bombay. Just that it is much cleaner and systematic than Bombay. Still the same old footpaths with the tiles and the drainage holes and lids. There are no houses or bungalows in London and it is full of luxury apartments. It is really sad that Bombay which was like London once upon a time, is not anymore in the name of patriotism and independence. Only if we could have maintained what the British left for us....We walked around the area called Hyde Park and the area around Lords Cricket ground. The apartments around that area are just amazing....simply fascinating. Of course if you wanna buy any of those apatments, they wouldnt cost you less than 5-10 million pounds. Rents for such apartments range from anywhere between 350- 500 GBP per week. Some apartments are located in such a way that you get the view of Lords Cricket ground from your balcony. The weather in London is pleasant at the moment and it is a sheer joy to walk around the streets. I did take some pictures and will post them soon in a couple of days. Tomorrow I hope to take a city tour of London, after I am done with the Canada transit visa thing. That is the only part of my UK trip that sucks big time. Air Canada is just awful. I have to take a transit visa just cos my plane lands in Canada for 2 hours and I change airplanes in the same terminal. While doing this, I have to collect my baggage, and recheck it in. This just sucks big time. I would not recommend Air Canada to anybody.
Anyways, I plan to take the city tour tomorrow and then meet up with Jaideep and his wife for dinner. Tuesday I hopefully depart the Land of the Queen to go back to my routine life in the USA. These 10 days have been an amazing experience. Worth remembering my whole life. Life is good I say, as long as one thinks positively about it. Life is beautiful!!!

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   Thursday, September 17, 2009  

Thinking away....

Life has been god to me. With caring hands like that of my family, professor, and friends...I feel I am set as always to take a major decision coming around the corner. Saturday, I embark to visit the land of the queen. Will be there for 10 days on official work. Hopefully will get a chance to do some local sight seeing. More updates about the experience when I reach there. Looking forward to it :)

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   Friday, September 04, 2009  

Finally Grand Canyon North Rim

Last Friday, as I was working in my lab, the topic came up about my long awaited trip to the Grand Canyon Nroth Rim. I decided to call the lodge at the North Rim and they mentioned that they had one cabin available for resevations for Saturday night. I went ahead and reserved the cabin. Then planned on taking my Jetta 96 to the North rim, something I realized was a mistake later on. I asked 2 colleagues in my lab and they agreed to accompany. So satudray morning at 5am we were on our way to the North Rim. As we reached Vegas, when I stopped to fill in gas, my car broke down, apparantely the drive shaft broke down. So I got my Jetta96 towed to a VW dealer, and then rented a car to proceed on the trip. This was the only upset in the trip and after reaching the North rim, I thought to myself it was definitely worth the trouble. I had always wanted to go to the North rim. It is just absolutely fabulous. We stayed there until Sunday afternoon and then started our journey bac. Overall a very nice experience. The Grand Canyon lodge is neatly organized and you can actually enjoy yur eveing with a drink or two in the verandah type arrangement overlooking the canyon. That was the best part..Here are some pics:

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   Friday, July 17, 2009  

May 26th 2009

This is the day when my parents got married exactly 40 years ago, and this is the day when my mom left all of us forever. Is this just a coincidence, or is it that my mom and my dad met each other in heaven?

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Turning Points!
How do you describe turning points in life? Does your life actually take a turn and do you realize it is turning, or you realize after you have made the turn? Looking back, I have thought about 2 turning points in my life- deciding to go ahead with my MSc. and then deciding to come to the US to do my Ph.D. But both the times, I never realized that these were the turning points in my life, cos they both happened either suddenly or gradually for me to actually know it. I am at a similar juncture in my life right now and do realize that I am taking a major decision. But on the inside I really don't feel that it is a major decision. I can feel it that it is 'just' happening and I am going along as life flows. I think of my decision positively, and it has its own shares of negative consequences, but I am really not bothered about it. Sometimes I feel I am in a confused state of mind but I know what I am doing. I always have had this notion of thinking about the worse of consequences, so what ever life churns out it always feels better. My decision is a professional one, and may have consequences on a personal ground. Am I putting all eggs in one basket? Where do you draw the line between professional and personal thinking- when do you base your decisions based on logic and materialistic thinking and when based on your inner voice. Well lets see....one thing is for sure, everthing that happens...happens for the best. The key to diplomacy is keep the conversation going.

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   Saturday, July 11, 2009  

Posting Again!

Sometimes I feel computers and programming are like human bodies. When ever there is a malfunction in the human body, it has a tendency to repair itself. I use bloggar to help me post on my blog. Bloggar is free and helps organize posts and facilitates embedding of links and pictures. Yeah...I know nowadays there are a lot of fancy templates that are ready made and you don't have to enter into the HTML coding thing to design a template. But I like to do that...anyways not digressing, my bloggar would not post my new posts saying that there was an error in authentication. Though I was logged in to my blog account, it still gave me that error. So I stopped posting, meaning I used to write posts by that date (I only wrote one in all these days :P). So today I just tried to post that old Ralitsa post, and behold...it posted just right. I did not do anything, and the problem rectified by itself. Thus I think my bloggar or my blogspot repaired itself. Heh heh...anyways, will be posting more from now on :)

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Beauty. Elegance and Grace!
This should have been posted a long time ago, when North Korea test fired a missile under the pretext of launching a satellite. While browsing today evening I went on to the New York Times website. The headlines read North Korea test fired a missile under the pretext of launching a satellite. I immediately switched on to CNN and it was there in discussion. The news reader Ralitsa Vassileva caught my eye. I had never seen her before on CNN, obviously cos I have never been home when International CNN is broadcast. But what I liked was the articulate way in which she spoke and her expressions while covering the news. Every morning I get to see the horrible Heidi Collins who looks like nothing but a dumb bimbo yelling in the name of covering news. Ralitsa Vassileva was a pleasant change to the art of news coverage! Here is her profile as given on CNN:

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   Monday, March 09, 2009  

Mergers and Acquistions!

Soon after Pfizer took over Wyeth ($65 billion) and Roche's desperate attempts to own Genentech, Merck takes over Schering Plough ($41.1 billion).
Read more

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   Sunday, March 01, 2009  

The Art of Pink Floyd!
Anybody who is a fan of Pink Floyd will always be fascinated by the art that the music group had on its album covers. If you take a look at most of their album covers, and think about it a bit you will realize that these albums were released in the 70's 80's and early 90's (Division Bell) but the art was way ahead of its time. Here is a collage of the various album covers from Pink Floyd that I found on the web and following that is an article that I read a few days about an interview with Storm Thorgerson who was the man behind the art, the artist behind Pink Floyd's album covers.
Pink Floyd’s album cover artist reveals lighter side of the moonby Brendan Montague and Maurice Chittenden (http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article3779870.ece)THE creator of Pink Floyd’s album art since the 1960s has revealed the comic scenes behind some of the band’s most famous album covers and opened up his portfolio of designs that were never used.Storm Thorgerson disclosed that he originally favoured a different design for Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973. It showed a figure similar to Silver Surfer, the Marvel cartoon character, sipping a cup of tea while riding a mighty wave.However, the band members took just three seconds to choose a prism and rainbow of light for their most famous album. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright made a unanimous decision in front of a gallery of seven rough images pinned to the wall of London’s Abbey Road studios.The album went on to sell more than 30m copies worldwide over 35 years.A prototype for the 1977 album Animals, which featured a 32-ft high inflatable pig flying over Battersea power station, was originally intended to feature a young boy walking into his parents’ bedroom to discover them having sex.Shooting the album cover for 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason involved dragging 700 hospital beds onto a beach in Devon. Rain interrupted the shoot and they had to repeat the exercise two weeks later.“It wasn’t one lapse of reason, it was two,” said Thorgerson, 63, whose retrospective is at the Oxo gallery in London in July.The cover for 1994’s The Division Bell was the most ambitious, featuring two Easter Island-style statues. An alternative included a magical junk floating above an estuary.

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   Friday, February 27, 2009  

Swimming Revelation!

So I went to my swimming practice at LA Fitness today. My instructor had taught me to float and paddle my legs in the water. But each time I used to paddle, my legs used to be below the water surface and so due to that I did not move smoothly thro the water. The right way is to paddle your legs just at the surface to make a splashing noise. By this action, you move smoothly and fast thro' the water. All this is greatly dependent on your centre of gravity when floating in water. My legs used to be submerged because I was not able to locate my centre of gravity during floating. MY instructor always said try to work with the water, don't work against it....and without knowing my centre of gravity and paddling my legs, I was working against the water. So today as I was paddling and paddling and paddling suddenly I realized my centre of gravity and how to maintain it while in water. Everything just fell in place....and I started moving smoothly as a fish! IT was a great revelation for me! I was absolutely thrilled to put in minimum effort and move the maximum distance in water. I could cover more distance in one breath, as I still don't know how to breathe while swimming. So now to make this paddling action as reflex and then start moving my hands and learn the breathing technique. That shouldn't be tough I guess!! I'm enjoying every bit of my swimming and practice... :-)

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   Wednesday, February 25, 2009  

Just got an email from Yahoo! saying that Yahoo Briefcase will be closing on March 30th 2009. Does that mean that Yahoo! is going bankrupt too?

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