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   Sunday, July 31, 2005  

The movie Sarkar plays in one of our regular theatres in Austin with daily 4 shows...that was a pleasant surprise and so went for it yesterday. The movie is just awesome, didn't know it was a RGV film until I saw the titles. Amitabh is par excellence in the movie and RGV has handled Abhishek so well giving him just enough dialogues so that he doesn't let the fizz out of the movie. The movie has its strong points in its well placed facial expressions only and the characteristic RGV camera-focus or point-of-view... implying that unecessaary dialogue-baji is out. A definite MUST-SEE for anybody.
Ohh... BTW not a single song...... :-)

Just total time-pass. I guess Abhishek Bachchan has improved a lot on his acting probably due to:

-Maybe he feels more comfortable acting along side his father

-Father-ji is giving special 'Exshtra' acting tips to dumb-frozen faced son...this point if true is really evident in Sarkar.

All in all a total timepass movie....no problems in seeing it.....

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   Friday, July 29, 2005  

A Pleasant Surprise:

PULP FICTION on cable channel: Bravo....switched on the TV and it had just started :-) What more can one ask to spend a Firday evening with PF (for Pulp Fiction) and a nice drink...with nuts (roasted cashews) & good buddies :-)

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   Tuesday, July 26, 2005  

Road Trips...

During the 4th of July weekend, we had decided to go camping to the Guadalupe Mountains. Guadalupe Mountains are in the western part of Texas near the border with New Mexico. Its a 600 mile drive from Austin on I-10, an interstate highway that spans the US from California to Florida. It was a nice drive and also a nice camping trip. Here are some pictures.
Then this weekend Friday night I decided to drive down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Had been having this itch of going on a long drive for quite sometime, so just packed my backpak and called up my friend in Hattiesburg at 12.30 on Friday night letting him know that Im driving down. This time it was a small test for my VW-Jetta as I wanted to take it on a long drive to see how it performs, and neverthless to say it did perform well. This was my first long road trip alone and it was really nice. I was a bit tired while going as I didn't sleep well before leaving but the journey back was just so excellent- beautiful weather and cool traffic, not too crowded nor too lonely.
We visited Gulf Port, Mississippi and ate in a fish restaurant, and I tell you, I have never had such fresh shrimp in my life. It was just awesome!!

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   Friday, July 22, 2005  

A Passing Thought!

We-DUH-Living!! :-)

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Sunset in Mumbai and Austin

STARGAZING's Sunset on July 18 picture reminded me of a similar picture taken on the same day in Austin and a similar one that I had taken when I was in Mumbai in December.

SUNSET IN AUSTIN: July 18, 2005 8:45:57pm My hands aren't that steady for the exposure set on the camera, so I used a tripod....my key to clearer pictures :-)

SUNSET IN MUMBAI- Haji Ali: Jan 14, 2005 7:58pm

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What do you say when someone who constantly had 'Jaadu Teri Nazar' from Bazigar or Confluence by Rahul Sharma and Richard Calyderman or Melodies by Richard Clayderman or some corny indi pop song or remix -ALWAYS playing in his car...suddenly starts listening to National Public Radio (NPR). When asked about this sudden change, says he was enlightened, refusing to acknowledge the source of his information!!
I call this plagiarism or an unethical shameless copycat!!

PS: All the three soundtracks/albums mentioned above are pirated albums.
Current Music : Marta's Song :: Deep Forest :: Boheme

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   Wednesday, July 20, 2005  

Is MALGUDI DAYS available in any recorded form....VCD or DVD??

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Die Nadel

Finally finished reading The Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett. I had issued this book from the library sometime in 2002. Started reading it right away then, but stopped after the first 40 pages, don't remember the reason. Forgot the story soon, and when I picked it up again, started all over again. Each time I would read more pages than before, and discontinue reading. I probably started reading it all over again three times until now recently when I firmly decided not to keep it again in any circumstances. So yesterday was one such day. It is 470 pages, and till yesterday I was there upto 200 pages. Had a very late and heavy lunch and decided to pick up Die Nadel from where I had left it. Read it through the night till 4am today and finally finished it. The reason for this, simple.....as I went on reading it, the story got so gripping....it was just amazing. Ken Follett did live up to his style. I am really happy I finished it.

PS: Today I start with the final episode of the 'Dan Brown Quattro-logy' - Deception Point. The other Dan Browns in teh order of my liking are as follows:

Angels & Demons
Da Vinci Code
Digital Fortress

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Confused about Midas!

For those who don't know what Midas is, they are the automotive servicing chain in the US. THey do all kinds of jobs on cars, such as oil change, trouble shoot and various other car things that cannot be done by yourself at home. I have always found Midas a bit expensive, but I also don't know others who are less expensive, apart from the local garage mechanics to whom I would not risk give my VW-Jetta.
Couple of days ago, my car started making a dragging sound, like the engine was getting stressed or had to put in more effort to run. Now when sounds start coming from your car when driving, I feel its a bit difficult to pinpoint where the extra sound is coming from. I say 'EXTRA' cos, being an old car from the year 1996, it has its own share of unavoidable squeaks and creaks. I feel blessed that my ears are well trained to this, and as long as I am single, she is definitely going to be treated as my wife. So in short I know my present wife very well :-)
So as she started groaning a couple of days ago, I thought something was wrong and so decided to take it to Dr. Midas. But before taking her there, I did some checks on my own and came to a 90% conclusion that the groaning was coming from the rear wheels.
Apparently it turned out that 3 months back, the guy at Midas had screwed up a bit when changing the rear brakes, and now the rear brakes were stuck to the wheels even when the brake was not on!! This somehow happened 2 days ago, I don't know how!!
I felt good of my rough diagnostic ability, cos if I had gone to Midas with the 'I dont know where the noise is coming from' expression, he surely would have put up a bill of atleast a 100 bucks.
I say I'm confused cos, the works done at Midas is usually very good- other works done on my car previously have made my car well and smooth. But the buggers are expensive and if you don't have a slight idea about the problem, in all probabilities they will slap you with a big bill.
So finally got todays work done free, and the owner apologised for his mechanic's mistake.

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   Thursday, July 07, 2005  


SO.......TODAY WAS BLOGGING DAY.....SIX posts in 3 hours!! Heh hheh quite coool uuuhh !! Blame it on the summer and the heat....and some authority on vacation :-) ...and of course 103oF. By the way it was 105 a couple of days back...and this is just start of July, August is yet to go....

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BOOK TAG......Got tagged several days ago by PARAG

Total number of books I own: Somewhere between 30-40... the newer ones are here, classic bestsellers are back in India.

Last book I bought: Buying really really depends on my economic condition (being a student, balance is very necessary especially during summers :-) and also since most of the books are readily available in one of the biggest libraries in the US, our very own Perry-Castaneda Library (the PCL) sometimes the rationing rules the enthusiasm to buy books.
Even then I do buy books, the last four I bought(oldest to recent) are Da Vinci Code, Angels&Demons, Digital Fortress and Prey. Calvin&Hobbes is a regular buy. I also cannot resist any good supplementary National Grographic recommendation, especially if its on space, wildlife or Egypt and the pyramids.

Last book I read: Currently reading Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett....really good, had left reading it half way, but surprisingly remembered the whole story when I picked it up again....so didn't have to start over again.

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me: My regular subscription of Sound&Vision and National Geographic, Fountain Head and We The Living by Ayn Rand, all issues of Adventures of TinTin and Asterix. Most books don't mean to me much, in the sense that I don't take a philosophical meaning out of it....but I love it when novels are informative.....like Digital Fortress was an excellent source of how encryption is done.

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:






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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My new apartment ;-) I stay on the second floor, second window on your left....Just kidding... :)

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New Orleans...

During the Memorial Day weekend, almost a month back we went on a road trip to New Orleans. A total of 600 miles one way, the drive was excellent. Interstate Highway (IH-10) or popularly known as I-10 is quite scenic while going east as compared to when going west where one drives thro' only vast desert lands about which I will describe on my next post. So the route was full green. New Orleans, needless to say is a very wild city. The night life is just too much....and it doesn't need to be a special weekend, its just party time all days and all weekends! Quite a few things to see in the city during the day time, if you have some energy and respect for tourism :-)....the French Quarters are good, the boat ride along the coast of New Orleans is very pretty especially during the evenings and the downtown (Bourbon St.) and other streets as such are a nice place to take a stroll during the cool evening hours.
Here are some pictures!(1-10)

PS: Definitely try Hand Grenade, its a drink (of course alcoholic) which is really really coool...

Current Music : Dead Man Walking :: Bruce Springsteen :: DEAD MAN WALKING OST

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Something Good in the Neighbourhood!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A StarBucks opening just right next to my apartment complex!! This is something I really needed... :-)

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ICMCA presents USTAD RASHID KHAN- Live in concert!!

Those who are into Hindustani Classical music, and are in Austin should not miss this one....and those who want to get introduced to Hindustani Classical vocal, there is no better time to start with!! Ustad Rashid Khan performs tomorrow at the Ragsdale Auditorium, St. Edwards university. Tickets are not that expensive, considering I missed his last concert which had tickets priced at $50 a seat. This one is only $10(students) and $20(regular), so please do not miss it.

PS: ICMCA = Indian Classical Music Circle of AustinIndian Classical Music Circle of Austin

Current Music : The Face of Love :: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan :: Dead Man Walking (7/7/2005 2:41:58 PM)

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