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   Saturday, February 26, 2005  

Well I know this is kind of a late reaction, but I was deeply saddened by the tragic death of the ever lovely Parveen Babi! I really admired her most for her charming smile and the grace with which she carried herself in the movies ( I never had the chance to see her in real life :( Also I think opposite Amitabh Bachchan she was the only heroine who suited him most. So in order to pay my humble tributes to one of the chirpy heroines of the yester-years I saw her following movies and thoroughly enjoyed watching them:

Khuddar: Amitabh, Parveen babi, Vinod Mehra etc etc.

Shaan: AB, Parveen Babi, Sashi kapoor, Bindya Goswami, Shotgun Sinha, Rakhee, Johnny Walker

Rang Birangi: Amol Palekar, Parveen Babi, Utpal Dutt, Dipti Naval etc etc

Apart from these movies, I also saw Choker Bali starring Ashwarya Rai. Its a good movie considering the fact that its based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore written in the pre-Independence era.
I haven't yet seen Swadesh, and I am dying to see Black. Hope I get the chance to see it soon.

Here are a few pictures of MUMBAI IN SNAPSHOTS!!

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   Thursday, February 10, 2005  

Everything rules in the world of fashion!!

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On My Way Home...

So when I left for India on December 8th, it was definitely a pleasant journey. My route was from Austin-Atlanta-Frankfurt - Mumbai. I flew by Delta all through out...and was surprised that they charged $4 for every alcoholic beverage that I ordered. Damn it....I was really disappointed at this stinginess and cost cutting strategy by Delta and unless they revise this, I am not going to fly by Delta again :-) Anyways, I liked the food on Delta very much. It was good or may be I was very hungry or it was just the thought of going home that made everything better. Mine was the 2nd seat in a 5 seat row in a 2-5-2 seating aircraft. On my left was a huge German who looked like a Hippi, red faced with brown long hair and big earrings (the kind that a genie from Alladdin's lamp would wear). But then to my right was a Spanish trio from Argentina. The best thing was their kid, a 8 year girl was the only one who could speak English, as she was taught English in her school, while the mother and granny did not know any at all. Since I had taken introductory Spanish in the previous semester, I was their official translator with my broken elementary knowledge of spanish!!
   So after the obvious 'Pain-in-the-Leg' journey from Atlanta to Frankfurt, I had to board another flight from Frankfurt to Bombay. At the boarding gate, I spoke to the German check-in agent who surprisingly pronounced my Indian name just perfectly, and requested her to give an aisle seat for this six-footer. She checked into her roster and took my boarding pass and gave me a new one and said "OK Sir, you are seated in the Club Class of this flight and would you like a window or an aisle seat". YooooHooooo!! Of course a window seat!! Thus the remaining flight was just absolutely cozy...I spent the first 30 minutes checking all the gadgets popping out of my magic-seat. The LCD monitor, the dining table/rack....or what ever it is called, the reading lamp and of course all the various comfort positions that my seat could give me....as it almost turned my seat into a bed! Then I took out my camera and shot a few pictures of the Frankfurt airport from the plane, an aerial view after take-off, some clouds and some snow-capped mountains in Zurich. Besides me was a Gujju who owned several motels and inns all over the US. He said he was visiting India after a gap of 16 years. He was totally enjoying the Club class courtesy and after a few vodkas he started explaining me how beautiful Shilpa Shetty is and the 'n' number of reasons why he likes her so much and why is she so talented!!! But all in all it was a very comfortable journey. The ice-creams were the best on this part of the flight! And all this ended with the best sight in the whole wide world....THE AERIAL NIGHT VIEW OF MUMBAI at around 11pm. Sadly the picture I took didn't come out that well... :(

My next post will be on my harrowing experience with custom officers at the airport! Coming very soon. Hope you like the pictures at the above link.

CURRENT MUSIC: Bulla Ki Jana Kon : Rabbi

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   Tuesday, February 08, 2005  


There is a new ice cream vending machine in our department where you get some good ones for a buck. So I tried out one yesterday and as I was relishing it on the way to my lab, a little bit of it stuck at the side of my lips near the cheek. Almost reflexly before I could realize what I was doing, I wiped it clean with the long sleeve of my knitted pull over. The stains over my sleeve were pretty noticeable and I realized what I had done almost a couple of hours later!! Basically I was enjoying the ice cream so much.....that I wiped my mouth in reflex and continued eating my ice cream :-)

Current Music : Pax Deorum :: Enya :: The Best Of Enya Disc 2

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   Sunday, February 06, 2005  


Saw this movie today and I give it 4 stars out of 5! This is a really well made movie with some good state-of-the-art martial arts, lots of sentiments and emotionally packed, very beautiful colors and very good cinematography. All I say is that the actors especially Zhang Ziyi, has acted very well. A must see for anybody who enjoys watching movies, its a total 'Paisa Vasool' type.

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A Dream to Build a Day On!!

Its 8.30pm in the evening, probably a Wednesday or a Thursday...don't remember it clearly. I step out of the company premises (USV Limited) a drug company where I used to work five years ago. My normal route is to take a bus upto the railway station and then take the train to reach home. I walk towards the bus-stop and I see she is waiting at the bus-stop. She was working late too. The only thing common between us is our route home. The wait at the bus stop is usually 10-15 minutes before we get our bus. We decide to take another bus the number of which I don't know and she suggests we take the #21 bus. Its a double decker bus and has its starting point at the nearby stop. We take the #21 and go on the upper deck. The upper deck has 3 rows of seats with each seating 2 people and 2 aisles between the 3 rows. For those who have sat in a Bombay double decker bus, might get it clearly..what Im trying to say. And the first rows of seats that you see when you just get on the upper deck are placed parallel to the bus. The bus starts and we are generally chatting with each other. The bus gets into the daily traffic and at a certain stop, one of my uncles....Bhagwat-kaka as I call him get into the bus. He comes up on our deck and I ask him how come he's here and he says he had come to attend the marriage of our company's CEO's son/daughter. The bus goes for some while and we are all chatting with each other as if the girl with me knows my uncle for ages. Then suddenly the bus comes to a halt and I find myself wide awake. :)

Now here are some facts:
FACT #1. There was/ is no double decker bus service near the company where I used to work and I have never taken Bus #21 in my life before. After doing some research I found that #21 goes from RC Church-Colaba upto Trombay and hence does pass over my work place.

FACT #2. All double decker busses have only 2 rows of seats on the upper deck with one aisle in between, but the imaginary design did look good and aplealing to the eye.
FACT #3. My company's CEO's son/daughter must be in the 10-11th grade!! and ofcourse my uncle did not know them and neither did he know my work colleague!

Dreams are always so crazy....but in the end they always leave me happy when I wake up that is only if I remember them (usually the good ones). Most of my dreams end with a jerk and wake me up. I know I have just had a dream and then I try hard to recapitulate what i had seen. Especially for this one, I remembered much more detail when I woke up right after the dream(6.30am)....I sat up feeling good, went over the whole dream with all the minute details and even thought of putting it down right away. As I was still revising the dream, I went to the bathroom and came back to make sure that I am awake and I remember it. Then said to myself, now that I remember it very well, might as well go to sleep and write it down later. And when i woke up a couple of hours later all I can remember are the main points and the main characters in the dream. I am sure there were more characters on the bus whom I knew very well and I also remembered the topics of discussion and the actual conversations that took place between me, my uncle, her and there was a fourth character active in our conversation, who I don't remember at all! Also I remembered the faces of each and every one clearly right after the dream. All in all a nice experience :)

Current Music: Lav Lav Kari Paat: OST Movie- Nivdung

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   Friday, February 04, 2005  


Each time I gaze at the bottle up there it seems to get older and older!!! I remember when I first put up that image.....it was crisp and could see each and every separation between the jig-saw pieces. The word ABSOLUT and FREUD were deep dark blue and crisp and clear. Now the deep dark blue has faded a bit just like an old pair of jeans and the letters look a bit worn out too. I guess its just time to put up a new picture or a theme. Got to think about something!!

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   Thursday, February 03, 2005  


Hah...Hah...I call it 'Pseudo' return cos I was Pseudo-absent for all these days!! i.e I was absent but also present and trying to follow up as much as I could. OK I had been away for an odd 3 months now but there was no specific reason for this.....It all started in the first week of November when I had this conference in Baltimore which made me so busy that I couldn't think of anything much to write. Then it was Thanksgiving week and then ofcourse my trip to India!!! I was there for a complete 1month and 10 days to be exact. But now I have decided to be as sincere as possible just like before!! So folks....for those who thought that I was 'BLOG-DEAD' here I am....all alive and ready to KICK-A**!!!
My Baltimore conference was very nice...well it had to be as it was completely sponsored inclusive of all food and DRINKS (the bar in my hotel was just amazing) !!! I guess I am fortunate that I am so lavishly taken care of by my sponsors!! I had two poster presentations at the conference which went pretty good!
After returning from Baltimore, there was Thanksgiving during which I did some good shopping for my India folks as well as for myself. The other best thing I did was totally revamp my home theatre, the details of which I shall put up in a future post with pictures :) Ohh yeah....I am really really proud and completely in love with it!!
After the Thanksgiving week, it was almost near the end of the semester and me being a TA had to take care of all the student grades which really took a lot of my time. In that again I also had to get my Visa documents ready as I had to renew my passport and visa during my trip to India, both of which were successfully done on time!! Yeah, I myself was surprised....Jiyo....Bharat...Jiyo!!!
Then just before leaving, also had to turn in the application for my Fellowship renewal....so that I am pampered and taken care of during my next conference :) And then finally it was the 9th of December....time to leave for India. More details on my India trip step by step in small posts and pictures. So..... Duniya-waalo, Main Aaa Gaya Hooon!!! Ab Laut Ke Vaapas Nahin Jaaoonga!!!! !

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