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   Wednesday, May 31, 2006  

It's not Fanaah.....It should be called.....FART!!!

So I saw the movie FART...ooops.....sorry....Fanaah last weekend. It was first day....third show!! And I tell you, right from the moment when Aamir-I look so old- but still I want to act like I am 21...FART-Khan made his entry into the movie by jumping from the roof of the bus, I held my head in despair. I kept on convincing myself that I have just had a haircut, so that I don't pull my hair out! I wished I had carried my school backpack with me, cos it always has a bottle of aspirin in it. Anyways, I know hindi movies will never improve, but I was surprised when such a FART...movie came out of Yash Chopra's chest. Aamir's entry to the movie is just pathetic. The songs seemed to be ok but I would attribute that to the good acoustics and the sound system of the theatre. Kajol even after a comeback looks good and acts well enough to create a niche for herself where she doesn't potray herself as a 19 year old but at the same time doesn't look as old as she is! But that and only positive point of the movie is not enough to lift it up. And then the biggest FART of the movie...Aamir says to Kajol..."Tumhare agle 12 ghante, tumhari zindagi ke sabse haseen 12 ghante hoge"...FART....I literally roared out a big laugh....cos that meant he was going to get her laid!!! Junta sitting next to me stared at me in disgust, thinking what values I had & stuff...and when that really happened in the movie everybody was quiet and I was still laughing. (I was still holding my head in despair though)

Each time there was any mushy or emotional scene in the movie, there used to be this music and someone singing "Yaah Moullah". This happened so many times, in the end I was confused whether the name of the movie is Fanaah or Yah Moullah?? Yah Moullah would have been a better name, it would have probably saved me from seeing it....(First day...third show....FART...)

Then came this hot chase on snow mobiles in the Himalayan mountains....it was shot good and I thought ...OK the movie is getting better! But that was a very immature thought cos then Aamir gets injured and knocks on a house for help and presto....who opens the door?!? Kajol.....Ohh My God....I asked....What have I done so sinful on this earth that YOU have to put me thro' this torture!?!
So anyways....after that the movie just kept on going down and down....!!

On a second note...if you ever get a chance to see this movie :The Girl in the Café (2005) please do watch it. It is really really good!

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   Wednesday, May 24, 2006  

O Draconian Devil...Oh, Lame Saint!

Saw The Da Vinci Code last weekend. I feel its a good movie considering the reviews that it is getting. Of course, the book is better than the movie and it might confuse some people who have not read the book or have not seen the numerous documentaries on the actual truth about the holy grail on the History Channel, Discovery Channel or National Geographic! But overall the movie is fast paced inspite of not havng any MI-3 type action. Audrey Tautou presents herself very well as Sophie. Didn't know that it was her as Amelie in the movie 'Amelie', another very good movie, if anybody has not seen it. Tom Hanks though looking much older now, as I have memories of Hanks in Forest Gump and Appolo 13, acts to his age. Overall a good movie, though the movie cuts a lot of detail that is mentioned in the book.

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   Tuesday, May 16, 2006  


Many a times I have thought, felt and experienced. Each time when something is wrong and instigating (concerning yourself or someone else), such a combination of events can be very harmful for ourselves, the basic human tendency being to immediately react to the situation, many a times with rage, displeasure or in some way or the other just to vent ourselves out. But if controlled at that instant and given a thought with a cool head, provided that you are right and you believe in yourself, the basic rule of nature "What goes Around, Comes Around" unfolds in front of you. Many a times I have seen this, and sometimes I feel its just not required for us to react, cos whether we react or not, whatever that is gonna happen (Go around, Come around thing) will happen and we by reacting and showing our displeasure, are just hurting ourselves or creating more stress for ourselves.

I hope I'm making some sense.. :-)

Current Music : Malaika :: Angelique Kidjo :: Logozo

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   Monday, May 15, 2006  

Unique Visitor!

My blog had a unique visitor on Sunday from Saint Kitts And Nevis. Didn't know until then that there were islands by that name! Thanks for visiting! :-)

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Logozo by Angelique Kidjo

I usually go to the Austin Public Library to pick out some movies for the weekend, and so I did on Thursday. There was quite a crowd at the DVD stacks and so waited at the audio cd stacks until people phased out. While browsing through some cd's I came across this album 'Logozo' by Angelique Kidjo. I have been an Angelique Kidjo fan ever since I heard her in P&V's car way back probably in 2001. Basically, Angelique Kidjo is an African singer, and hails from the land of Benin. As with every Kidjo's album, all the songs from Logozo are amazing with catchy African beats. One song from the album sung in Swahili, called Malaika is just amazing. The track really brings out the sweetness in Angelique's voice, with minimum music and beats. You can get a 30 second preview of the song here. Though I don't understand Beninese or Swahili, the music itself is pretty catchy and sweet. Basically Angelique is really really cool! This is one of her albums that I have got an instant liking to...

Current Music : Batonga :: Angelique Kidjo :: Logozo

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   Friday, May 12, 2006  


Saw Mission Impossible-III yesterday. It is a good movie and really really fast paced. Worth putting your money into! It seems to be a totally hi-tech movie, so people who don't like hi-tech gizmos or need an explaination for what it is supposed to do (like how the old man explains in 007 movies) should think twice before investing the time and money. So overall the movie is good except for 2 really silly moments: First one is during a hot car chase, Ethan (Cruise) and his mates are in a car chase, and Ethan wants to make an emergency call.....he tries to make the call but his cell loses the signal..Huh!! I just can't imagine, the complete movie is so hi tech and still the cell phones keep on dropping their calls or loose signal!! Gives service providers another good creative idea for advertising! That was really hilarious. And the second most masala part in the movie is right in the end....I won't say it, or it will take away your one nice laugh!! But the movie is really good....I enjoyed it :-)

Current Music : Learning to Fly :: Pink Floyd :: Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Disc 2

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