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   Friday, April 30, 2004  

Changed the comment box on my blog! I first tried a lot to get rid of the comma that used to appear on my previous comment box, but all in vain and now even the smileys had stopped working. So subscribed to Haloscan. Most of the previous comments can be accessed through the archives. Now it feels a bit systematic! :)

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   Thursday, April 29, 2004  

When you are alone and without responsibilities, is it rational to be impulsive and do what ever that comes to your mind?? I don't mean anything silly but just obey the thought that comes to your mind, without even thinking about the consequences of your act. Any opinions??

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FRONTLINE presents "The Jesus Factor"
An examination of President Bush's spiritual beliefs and their influences on his political decision making. Watch this episode on KLRU/PBS tonite at 9.00pm CST.... for those who have access to this channel, check your local timings though. Future airings of the same episode will be on April 30th, 4.00am CST and May 6th, 9.00pm CST. This seems interesting to me, cos when I saw the trailer, it showed Bush saying that he had a revelation and that God said to him in his dream that HE would like him to be the President of the USA. Hence looking forward to this episode and more of 'Religious/Political stuff.....or should I say Politically-Religious Stuff :)

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The Search for the Smoking Gun!!

Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector, Hans Blix gave a talk yesterday at our University. Undoubtedly an excellent speaker, he talks with acute professionalism and clarity. Although Swedish born, he has a good command over English and unlike Barak, had his speech well jotted down and prepared. He openly criticized the present government for attacking Iraq, leading to a war which was chosen to the other alternative of inspections. The US had two choices for disarming Iraq (i) 200 men and $80 million a year OR (ii) 200,000 men and $80 billion a year. They chose the latter. Inspections were proving more reliable than intelligence in the case of Iraq, and if the UN inspectors were given a time of 2 more months, it would have been definitely proved that there are no WMD in Iraq. Saddam had probably tried his trick of putting up a sign of 'BEWARE OF DOG' but the fact was that he had no dog, and the trick worked out well and quite cheaper too in keeping the US at bay for some amount of time. The US had attacked Iraq either based on faulty intelligence reports or extremely weak intelligence or just complete lack of evidence. Blix and his team had inspected over 700 suspected sites as recommended by intelligence reports and no WMD were found. "A couple of months more would have shown a weakness in evidence for the WMD because there weren't any, and the US and UK intelligence would have fallen apart. Going after Iraq was like trying to kill a mosquito with a cannon ball." He referred to India being a nuclear power before Pakistan, and tomorrow if India preemptively attacks Pakistan for suspecting it to be a nuclear threat, it is completely justified. Blix ended his speech by quoting that "Removal of a brutal dictator like Saddam, definitely made the world a better place, but surely not a safer place."

All in all an excellent speech! To read a detail report CLICK HERE!

Photo courtsey: The Daily Texan.

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   Wednesday, April 28, 2004  

Immobile Again!

They say 'The Higher You Go, The Harder You Fall!' This is in reference to my previous post on being completely mobile. Now my cell provider says that they do not promote the use of a cell phone as a modem and connect it to your computer. If I do so, I will be charged 25cents per KB exchanged over the internet. I do not know how would they detect that....but 25cents/KB.....that's a bit too much and I don't want to risk it. So I am again stuck to my land line and the dial up....from home :( But anyways I had my fantasy fullfilled of browsing the internet while riding the city bus....Hah Hahh! So that's OK.

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   Sunday, April 25, 2004  

Itzhak Perlman....

Music just flows through his fingers! Ohh....what a bliss to listen to him!

Current Music: The Phantom of the Opera {From the Phantom of the Opera}Richard Clayderman

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   Friday, April 23, 2004  

Ehud Barak....

Attended Ehud Barak's talk last Tuesday....for those who don't know...Ehud Barak was the former PM of Israel, before Sharon. The talk was at 7.30 and so stood in the line at around 6.15pm. As people went through tight security, they announced that the auditorium was full when there were nearly 40 people ahead of me. Then after the first headcount, they let in 5 more and said thats it. I was praying hard, that I get a seat in the auditorium, Ohhh God Please just one seat....and then came an announcement....35 more to be taken in....and I was in! Phew..! And guess what I was ready to take a seat in the last row, and one of the organizers walks up to me and leads me to the 6th row from the front! Man...that's some treatment I say...Lucky me I guess :)
Like most of Israel's PMs, EB is also from the military and has served as a commando for several years and also as the head of their armed forces...I guess. His famous accomplishments include leading the raid on Entebbe (~1979), where an Israeli airplane was hijacked by Palestinian militants and the hostages rescued with only one casualty. There was also a movie based on this incident, titled 'Raid on Entebbe' which I have seen quite a few times when I was in high school. So not digressing much, the talk was nice, though EB himself is not a very good orator, but the topics that he chose needless to say were quite inflammatory. With the new Hamas leader recently slain, the speech wouldn't have been at a more appropriate time. He started with his views on the US occupation of Iraq and how good it was to oust Saddam. And gradually came onto the hot topic of West bank and Gaza. I do not say whether his views are right or wrong, and neither did I attend the talk to know which side is the righteous one...but I realized one thing, and that is every Israeli leader, military or political knows how to inspire/instigate his country/people. They have their goals clear and justified about where the two country's borders should be and nothing will stop them from achieving those goals. According to him, the Jews have been attacked time and again dating back to the holocaust to present, and now they are willing to do anything to clear their way off anything that comes in their path of acheiving an independent and their very own Jewish state. According to EB, Hamas is a small baby which if not killed and squashed will become a demon, uncontrollable later on. The way I am describing is very mild and suttle, but during the actual talk, one could see the zeal for Israel and hatred for the Palestinians aka Hamas in his eyes. There were several Palestinian supporters in the crowd and as EB was in full zest, projecting his views about how to handle Palestine and curb Hamas, these supporters walked up to the rear exit of the auditorium, and stood with their backs to EB. Later on after the speech, EB took a couple of general formal questions but then, insisted that he would really 'enjoy' answering questions from one of those who are standing with their back towards me. And Man Ohh Man....the way he answered those questions, not only were the protesters dumbfounded(not that they could argue or anything) but the way he answered with a thorough explaination and all intricate details, pointing out the mistakes done by Arafat.....was just really really amazing. Ofcourse it is obvious that he was the Israeli PM and so his point of view is expected. But neverthless the 1.5 hr wait in the line and the anxiety/curiosity to watch Ehud Barak speak, was all worth it!

Former UN Weapons Inspector to Iraq....Dr. Hans Blix talks at the LBJ auditorium on Wednesday, April 28th!! Another amazing talk I guess....

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Just signed up for G-Mail.....Totally ecstatic!! YooooooooHooooooooo!!!!! (Note the 'O' instead of the 'A')

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Here are links to 2 beautiful photo galleries:



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   Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Check out Ashwini's first walk!

Click here to go to Parablog.com.

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   Wednesday, April 21, 2004  

A Momentary Lapse of Reason!

When he enters the Cafe, she is sitting at a table with someone. She looks sad and is silent. Time freezes and everything is practically standstill...like in the movies where they show everything else to be standstill and only the main characters can move. Even her companion at the table is immovable. She gets up from her chair and reaches for the floor as if searching for something she has dropped or lost, the way one would search for a lost, fallen earring. He walks upto her, gets down to the floor on his fours and getting face to face with her, and plainly asks "Hey whats the matter?" She replies, with tears in her eyes, "You know..... I can't feel anything, I can't sense anything, I think I have lost my heart somewhere. Can you please help me find it? Her 'please' is very sincere, but so is his reply. He answers "I don't know, how your heart looks like, if I knew I would surely help you find it". She desperately starts searching again, looking around her ...but to no avail. He then holds her by her shoulders and says soothingly "If you can't find it now it is ok! Do what you have come here to do, live life as you have lived it before and everything will be fine. Look for it tomorrow and probably you will find it easily". With tears in her eyes, she rests her forehead on his shoulder and gives him a hug, but before she can do that he gradually disappears into thin air. She gets back into her chair as if like a movie being played in rewind, and the cafe starts bustling with voice and chatter again as if nothing had happened.
The next day, she is sitting at the same table alone. He walks up to her and she has a bright smile on her face. She says to him, "You know I have finally found what I was looking for and it wasn't that hard to find it. Actually it was least the effort of what I had expected. Thank you....Thank you sooo much!" They have coffee together and then they part ways. He doesn't say a word to her but has a smile on his face. The whole incident again goes into a rewind like in a movie, just as the previous day and she is alone at the table.
He enters the cafe, passes by her, looks at her, she looks at him, she passes him several times but they just don't seem to know each other or recognize each other!!! They both exit the cafe and go their respective ways never to meet again. But there are still 2 empty coffee mugs lying on the table.

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   Saturday, April 17, 2004  

Break the ice with biological WMDR!!

The 'R' stands for Repulsion! Heee Heee Heee!!!
Check this post on SNEEZE labelled Love & Methane:An open discussion!. I got this link from Avlokana's blog. Its really something to think about, as every dog has to face his day!
The post triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind, in a way that a part of the world is caught in the search of biological weapons and only God knows if they are there, where are they??? Where has Saddam really hidden them??? I think his biological weapons must be really gross, which when he released wiped out one village after another. Hah Hah Hah....
Check the post on Sneeze and also the discussion that follows it. A real good one! One thing for sure Saddam wasn't that fair and honest to his wife, that he couldn't break the ice in front of her, and did it on front of the whole village! Hah Hah Hah... :))))) Credits to Sneeze and Avlokana for offering such a wonderful read..

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This is one amazing movie. Its the first sequel which I found equally interesting to its prequel. A typical Tarantino movie with excellent camera work and full of surprises. Needless to say Uma Thurman and David Carradine steal the show. The dialogues are witty with a sutttle humour attached to it. And ofcourse Phae Mae and his Five Point Palm Heart Exploding Technique.....Watch out for that one! A must see to relax your mind. And believe me there is NO BLOOD SHED....:))))

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Yessss!!! I am completely mobile! I can access the net even when I am travelling. Just to test this out, decided to take a city bus ride and hooked my cell phone to my computer. The connectivity seems to be OK but the connection is fast when I am not moving. Thanks to sprint, and their two month free trial of unlimited internet access. It was always one of my weird dreams to sit on the city bus and access the internet! Hah ha!! The connection seems to be good as the times of india page gets loaded in around 6-8 seconds. I consider the TOI website to be one of the bulkier ones as my dialup connection sometimes cries to get the site loaded. Definitely better than a dial up even when Im moving. Now I can actually disconnect my land line as I was using it solely for the dialup. Turns out to be economical too. Student life u know......got to count my pennies carefully! ;) All said and done its working great! Makes me happy! :)

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   Thursday, April 15, 2004  

A Musical Treat..

I had been to two good concerts in the last 15 days...and there are quite some more impressive shows coming in the next 15 days too! Yeah thats spring time.. Hah hah!! Well the first was a sitar concert by Pt. Manilal Nag and his daughter Mita Nag. It was an over all nice concert, but after listening to Anoushka(the way she plays and how the tabla's accompany her) this concert did not feel that impressive. I had attended another by Shahid Pervez a while ago and he was really nice...but this one didn't somehow deliver the punch. Pt. Manilal seemed to be very tired with age but Mita seemed to be pretty good. But I was surprised, when I spoke to her after the concert, she put on such a heavy American accent, I was totally taken aback. Ohh my Ohh my....Do I look like an ABCD???? Naaaah!! I don't think so! :) But anyways, I really couldn't figure out a reason for that accent. And also being from the Indian classical sangeet side, I expected her English to be more Indian like and with out any accent at all....Circumstances make you do odd things to deal with your complexes... I guess!! Whatever......
The second concert was the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music featuring Algerian vocalist Francoise Atlan (pronounced as "France-su-aa" Atlan) and percussionist Jamey Haddad. Francoise is really amazing, no wonder she is considered one of the most beautiful voices in the Mediterranean region. The oud was played by Farid El Faulahi and Jamey Haddad played a different kind of percussion, which had a bass lower than our Indian Pakhwaj. Whatever he was playing really blended well with Francoise and the oud.
Tomorrow On Monday, 7.30pm Ehud Barak, former Israeli PM gives a talk at one of the University auditoriums(The LBJ), an event Im keenly looking forward to, and then on April 25th Itzhak Perlman performs live at the Bass Concert Hall. Wow that should be another great show.

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Any Spare Change???

Now thats its spring time....and that the weather is great....I usually ride my bike to school and back. Yesterday was one such evening, around seven...I was biking myself home along the drag and saw a 'huge-backpacks-&-pierced nose-ears-&-navels' group sitting along the sidewalk. These guys and gals are usually dressed in black or the color turns to black due to lack of laundry         I do not know.... but they do sometimes have a tendency to walk in the middle of your path and ask for spare change      or if they are having some fun among themselves, they will suddenly jump and hop around and come in your way! They usually sit on the sidewalk and shout "Sir...Do you have any spare change to give?? So expecting all this I slowed down a bit and was passing them, and one of them shouted         "SIR, DO YOU HAVE ANY........SPARE...SMILE TO GIVE?? As a normal practice I was about to nod my head and shout back "Sorry!" when I heard the word 'smile'... That was very well put by one of them....I slowed down more.....and looked at them for a second, they were two girls and three guys...both the girls had rings pierced in their noses and lips and what not! I smiled at them broadly, as that was in my full capacity(I usually don't have any change or cash on me) They were pretty glad I had caught what they said and started cheering and laughing as I rode my bike away! I was happy too, to have caught what they had said and my smile was also a reflex one rather than the usual formal one. That kept me thinking for a while......the power of a smile.....which is reflex, can make anybody so happy....the one who gives it and the one who receives it!

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   Saturday, April 10, 2004  


Somebody searched for St. Teresa's High School, but did not leave a comment! :( Ohhh fellow Teresian....This is the 4th hit for a St. Teresa's High School search on Yahoo or Google,......but no feedback. Atleast my post is working to get my school on the net.

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   Friday, April 09, 2004  

The Last Push or Pull...

Two climbers have almost reached the top of the mountain, both are equally exhausted....one needs a helping hand to get to the top and the other can just make it without any help...How do you decide who needs the hand and who can make it?

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   Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

Weapons of Mass Destruction !! The Real Story described as Never Before!!!

Go to www.google.com and type "weapons of mass destruction" in the search field and click Im Feeling Lucky. Read the message that you get on the error the page cannot be displayed page. Its interesting!!!

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   Sunday, April 04, 2004  

Was just about to retire for the day when something caught my eye! The total number of hits to my blog are 911 right now....Whenever we play raketball, invariably we get stuck on the score 9-11, either me 9 & my opponent 11 or vice-versa...Dunno whether this happened all thro' out when we played RB, but surely started noticing it after 9/11. Quite unnerving isn't it! Anyways a new week from tomorrow...and I have just finished 2 big cadbury bars(milk choc. and fruit&nut) and feeling a bit miserable!

UPDATE ON APRIL 6: Woke up today morning, got out of bed, added some instant coffee, water and some milk to my mug and put it in the microwaveto heat. As I was about to set the timer, I looked at the clock on the microwave and it read 9:11

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By the way I finally filed my tax returns...after a lot of procrastination!!! And guess what I should say I am pretty consistent in that matter...cos when I was filing the papers for my records noticed that I had been mailing my returns in this week for the last 3 years!! Heh Heh....Pat on my back for successfully doing it in time!! :)

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Can't Help Falling in Love with You...

Our very first meeting lasted for around 2-3 hours way back in 1995 and I said to myself....Im never going to like this girl ever again. Everything that she did, every move that she made I just felt it unnecessary. I just couldn't make myself understand why she did that. Maybe she was new....maybe she was naive...maybe she had a lot of excitement or energy which she needed to learn to harness. Whatever the case then, she felt so not-natural, so unrealistic. If I look back now it does feel so! I never saw her after that till now, almost a month ago. As much as I hated her way back in 1995 (she might have been 21-22 then) I have equally(=<) started liking her more and more. I have been seeing her over the last three weekends, and I just can't help falling in love with her. Another reason to add to this, she is still single...Her transition has been so drastic, that if you would have been in my place you would probably say the same thing. Apart from growing with age, I think its her mentor who has made a lot of difference in her....or probably as I said earlier she had a lot of energy which her mentor taught her how to harness. Whatever the case she has definitely turned out to be a graceful, beautiful, smart and nothing but an AMAZING woman!! I saw her in Pinjar a month back and then in Bhooot and recently in Ek Hasina Thi....and My Ohhh My!! SHE IS JUST ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS....ENCHANTING AND MESMERIZING in her roles. Ohh yes she is our very own lasse from Bombay....Urmila Matondkar!

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Sir......Thok du saale ko???

Just couldn't resist stealing the post title from BlogofParag, March 24th 2004 and also thanks a lot Parag for recommending the movie.
The following may not be a good comparison but once again it reminded me about how a stalwart can gobble up his or her inferiors. Saw the movie Ab Tak Chappan on Friday and had seen the movie khaki over the last weekend. Both the lead roles were cops and both were stalwarts in their own sense, not considering the age difference between them. The nature of the characters they were playing was also almost the same, that of being a good cop. It is said that the director churns out the character from the actor and if thats the case then Ram Gopal Verma(RGV) is incomparable. The two movies reminded me of the evergreen 'Anand' where in Rajesh Khanna had completely gobbled up Amitabh Bachchan. Here Nana Patekar does the same if u compare him to Amitabh in Khakee. Ofcourse ATC is more of a realistic movie as compared to Khakee, and in the end the movie really makes you think back about what went on. If you see it carefully there are no missing links in it, as most of the hindi suspense movies have and understanding the movie in the end is just so blissful. Ofcourse RGV has got ATC to the levels of Amores Perros or Momento or Mullholland Drive. And it is good that he hasn't made the jump too high cos then the movie just won't last in Bollywood. AB TAK CHAPPAN..... a must watch for anybody familiar with the encounter policies of the Mumbai Police.

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   Friday, April 02, 2004  

Gas Station Explosion!

Saw on CBS morning news today. A close circuit TV at a gas station showed 2 gas pumps and a car getting filled at one. Then another SUV pulls into the gas station and instead of parking parallel to the gas pump knocks off the other pump and that pump explodes into flames. The car which was previously being filled, goes up in flames from this explosion and you can see the guy who was filling gas starts fleeing.....but before that he hesitates a bit! Next as the car is in flames, the passenger door opens and another lady escapes the car. He probably wanted to grab his partner out but then changed his mind ...I guess :) After that, the second pump from which the car was getting filled explodes. And then another huge explosion. Wow....no casualties, but that was really something! Always seen it movies(first one to come to my mind...Agneepath)...but never thought such a thing would happen in real life. I couldn't figure out the location of the pump, but will try to update later.

Update: The incident toook place in Maine, New Hampshire and the driver who banged into the pump, reversed his SUV and fled!! Click here to see video.

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   Thursday, April 01, 2004  

Places where I would like to be....

If you think the world as your home, I would like to be at so many places on earth that my own life would not be enough to live in all of these. Let alone the world, India itself is so big that one needs to be really fortunate to get a chance to visit most of India or atleast its major cities. but when I say visiting most places, I mean knowing the people there and atleast trying to be one of them. With this idea in mind, a single human life is definitely not enough to fulfill such a wish. One of my favorite things while on the net is to see the world atlas or the world time zone map and awe and wonder at the time differences, weather differences and try to think how different would the daily life of the common person be from mine while staying here. For Eg: just imagine since its summer time here and the sweltering heat is just catching up, it is winter time in our southern hemisphere. Well some would say 'yah.. whats new in that...we all know that!' but just imagine if you get a chance to travel to some southern hemisphere country and are posted there for say 3 months, what kind of a change would you have in your daily life! Being in the southern hemisphere, you would face the winter once more(I love winters and the cold temperatures), and the days would really be short. Any latin american country has fascinated me for the basic reason that their cuisine is just wonderful, the geography is scenic and most of the countries have miles and miles of beaches. The standard of living is also not that high in these places.
The other place that I would like to be after that is any island in either Micronesia, French Polynesia or the Samoan islands. This one island in the french polynesia known as the Kiribati island is very interesting. The equatorial island of Kiribati and Cook's Island are next to each other and the international date line passes through them. So there has to be a place near the border of these islands where its 12noon on 1st April(Cook's Island) where as its 12noon on 2nd April in Kiribati. Wow a difference of 24hrs in a span of a few meters. Other than this these islands being tropical have an excellent climate and being isolated have well preserved flora and fauna. Definitely a dream place for me!!
Well there isn't much to do professionally on these islands and so if I ever want to settle in such a place, the nearest I can go to is Indonesia or New Zealand. I would prefer New Zealand as I would be the first one to see the rising sun of the new day! Climatically not very different from the oceanic islands but professionally you can definitely find something to earn your bread and butter and live a peaceful life.
Jumping from New Zealand the next country I would like to be in is Thailand. As from the Pad Thai that we have gorged on so many times we can say that Thai food is so similar to Des food yet different in its own flavor. I love Thailand for no specific reason but I know that its rich in culture and the country itself is really interesting. The rains are very heavy there and it also had some mountainous regions.
From Thailand, for mountainous regions I would love to be in Nepal, but I would prefer to be in Nepal if I know I would be in a secure and stable financial position. But more than Nepal I would love to be in either Tibet or Ladakh for some time, or maybe after I retire from all worldly duties I would like to be in these places.
The last country for today that I would like to be in is South Africa just for the exquisite game reserves in Kenya or Tanzania. It has always been my wish to visit a wildlife scantuary and till now have visited only the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the border of Mumbai. So a visit to a south African game reserve is definitely on the plan once I start my nomadic adventures. And ofcourse one last place that I would like to visit is the Galapagos Islands for its exquisite and unexplainable beauty and a stay in the Amazon jungle to get a feeling of one of the most dense jungles on earth.

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What do you think of this???

You can call me paranoid or just a coincidence. A small incident this morning, reflected back on many more that happened in the past. I got out from the university shuttle this morning and was walking to my school. I looked up in the sky and it was so clear, I was just amazed to see how the sky can be so clear at some times. Just blue all through out and not a single white streak, not a single one...seemed like it was an ocean upside down. I just couldn't resist taking my eyes off it and so I walked on admiring it all thro' my way to school. The walk is around 2-3 minutes from the shuttle stop. As I approached the school entrance, my mind still in a blank not thinking about what is to be done during the day and as I pressed the elevator button......Whaam! a sudden thought hit my head...It was like a mighty wave from the ocean hitting my head (the correlation can be done as I was thinking about the ocean when looking at the sky) or like a jolt of lightning hitting me(the correlation here being...the elevator--electricity---sound of the elevator approaching you---the jolt coming to you) The thought was -The elevator door will open and my Professor will be standing there right in front of me. He has this practice of throwing a question that you would least expect. So I prepared myself ready to keep two universal answers to any type of questions (assignments or general). The elevator door opened and there he was.....My brain went into a tizzy....but my answers were well prepared. All this happened in a matter of a few seconds.
This has happened quite a couple of times previously like I was watching a movie...and this same kind of feeling the sudden gush of thoughts hits your mind so hard.....quite strong enough to distract you from the movie and like forcibly putting a thought in your head that this person is trying to reach you....and a second later the cell rings!! I neglected it the first few times discarding it as mere coincidence, but today I could recognize this feeling and I actually heeded to it and prepared myself for it.
Such perceptions also occur at places like airports...when travelling....I am waiting for my departure and then suddenly there is this feeling....this thought that there is someone around that I know. The feeling just comes out of the blue and start searching for that person and most of the times that person is there. Its either I see that person or that person sees me or if we don't meet there and I haven't seen that person but have had that perception, that person later comes to me after a couple of days/weeks and tells me "Hey I saw you the other day at the airport, where were you flying?
Its just recently that I have started knowing this sudden jolts of thoughts....call me a psycho or a paranoid....I feel its always good to take heed of these things and be prepared. Its not that I'm always aware of such things..... cos there are still many a times when I am taken by surprise or something happens when you don't expect it at all...

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