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   Friday, August 20, 2004  

Current music playing....

This is the most pleasant surprise that I have had till now probably because its my first time here!! I am here in a place which is an internet cafe + coffee house + general tp place. It is known as the JP's Java and though I had passed this place earlier a zillion times, I decided to dock here today with my laptop. I wouldn't have been here if the wireless connection at home would have conked off!! When I say conked off I mean I don't receive the free signal that I used to before. By the way... I was enjoying this service only for the past one month.
The place is cool and cozy and lets you concentrate on whatever you are doing. But yes the most pleasant surprise is the current music playing.......its the evergreen hits of Jagjit and Chitra Singh!! Somehow I have noticed that no matter how much you try to put your favorite music at home and try to get in the mood you want, there is always something missing....either the volume is a bit high or something else. But when you are somewhere other than your place...like a cafe or a restaurant or a taqueria...you always seem to enjoy the music most, whether it is latino folk, an opera or as in today's case Jagjit and Chitra Singh. Just as Latino is for me, Jagjit is to them!! But still everybody enjoys!!
Awesome music.....awesome mood!! A perfect Friday evening as long as you are single....

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   Thursday, August 19, 2004  


Something Nice for the Olympics!!

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   Tuesday, August 17, 2004  


Curry causes Big Mac a heart burn!!!

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After the American idol, its now the apna Desi Idol....coming soon on Sony TV. And guess who are the judges...Farah Khan, Sonu Nigam and the very great and 'talented' Anu Malik!!! Dunno much about the first two but I know Anu Malik and how he gets 'inspired' by other people's music!!! When asked about copying music in an interview long time ago, he actually gave an explaination that he is inspired by the tune and tries to blend it with the desi taste. Then he also sings two different songs apparently based on the same raga and tries to prove innocence about how two songs can be similar.

Other copy cats that I have come across are:

The latest ET flick- Koi Mil Gaya starring Hrithik Roshan, the music that is used to call/communicate with the aliens, is a straight lift up from music composed by Kraftwerk, a German pioneer group in electronic-techno music which became famous in about 70's-80's. The song is known as Trans-Europa Express from the album of the same name.

The movie 'Gupt' became famous inspite of the 'great-talented' Bobby Deol for its Stereophonic-Dolby-Digital-Electronic beats with Dynamic Bass-Boost. But many will be surprised to know, the music in most of Gupt songs is based on the music by New Age composer Kitaro's albums thro' the 80's. I am specifying the years to clarify the doubt that Kitaro would not copy music compositions from Viju 'Saa' (Shah), the music director of Gupt.

Then also the ever hit movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' has a song "Koi Mil Gaya...Kya Batao Yaaro...Main To Hil/Khil gaya....." the music for which is based on an opera melody "Take that look off your face" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, from the opera 'Tell Me On a Sunday and Song and Dance'. No doubt the movie was good but I was indeed surprised to know this kind of 'inspirational work'.
There are many more, but these are the ones I can recollect anytime from the top of my head....Well, the post seems like hard-core criticism, but I do not have those intentions cos I believe that if you like a certain type of music then you are free to listen to it in any form and the copy right business is upto the composer and the stealer. But I am definitely against music piracy and do believe in spending money and buying the albums rather than picking it up from Kazaa or any other P2P services.

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   Sunday, August 15, 2004  

Its a Saturday morning around 7-ish, my friend and me were biking through Austin and we reached one of the most wealthiest townships on the banks of the Colorado passing through Austin. This place is known as Mount Bonnel and the place is just beautiful with million dollar homes lined up...well you cannot call them homes but they are mansions...huge and they all stand in grand splendour....I was clicking pictures in the early morning light when suddenly I looked down on the ground and was extremely surprised, aghast, terrified and ofcourse amused to see this..............

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THE SYMBOL......THE MACHINE.......THE BEAUTY.......'THE' CAR......That's MY JETTA!!!

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   Friday, August 13, 2004  


Click on the Link Below


You will see a weird looking guy. Pass your mouse over his face a few times.
Then, leave the pointer on his face and watch what happens!!

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   Wednesday, August 11, 2004  

This happens only in Pune!!

DISCLAIMER: The following post should be taken sportingly and the blogger does not have anything against Pune or Pune-ites! The blogger declares that he loves Pune and Pune-ites equally as the Mumbaites and these are just a couple of witty one-liners that he came across in a discussion!!

A notice on a regular road-side tea stall or 'Amrutatulya' as tea stalls are called in Pune.
The sign read : "Chaha: Rs.1.50 : Ek chaha gheoon 10 chi note dilyas, chahache 2.00 Rs ghenyaat yetil"
(Tea: Rs. 1.50: If you order one tea cup and give Rs. 10 and demand change, you will be charged Rs.2.00 for the same cup)

Another sign board on a fire-cracker shop read "Ithe suttya fatakyana vaati lavoon miltil" (New fuses shall be put on to crackers with just burnt fuses!)

Man.....I can't translate the last one with a serious face :))))

Many thanks to Sanjeev Jathar for the input!

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   Sunday, August 08, 2004  


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   Wednesday, August 04, 2004  





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   Sunday, August 01, 2004  


To all the new Bhidu Log on my Blog List......Welcome to the World of PseudoAnalysiS!!! :-)

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FOUR YEARS......& The Village....

I realized today that it is exactly four years since I set foot on American soil.....How have I changed?? or have I changed at all?? I don't know, but then life goes on. Four years back, I sat in a VW Jetta for the first time...an imported car for me!! Four years back, I took my first train ride in the US and realized that trains do go at very high speeds....smoothly!! During the four years, I realized that though the trains go at very high speeds they also take an infinite time to reach a destination! I also realized, I have travelled by air so many times, which I wouldn't have even dreamt of, if I was in India, and also came to know I love travelling inspite of the delays and the layovers and everything else!! I have realized that once you reach a certain age you have to make certain decisions on your own and this place will help you do that without any hesitation. I have realized that cooking is no big deal and you don't need a pressure cooker to make rice. I realized that my instinct has always been shouting at me, but I have learnt to listen and heed to it in the past four years. I have realized that it is a great feeling to be an uncle and I remember how I used to feel when my uncles used to visit me. But then I have also realized that I have not been that good a 'Mama'(uncle in Indian) as my mama's have been, to visit me so frequently in India.

On a lighter note, saw The Village by Night Shyamalan...its an OK movie and I highly recommend one should watch it as casually as any other movie. Being a Shyamalan movie, I watched it with some 'Extra' attention so that my six bucks do not go down the drain, but then the tables turned on me. Had I not paid attention to the intricate details and the dialogues, I probably wouldn't have figured out the climax of the movie, which I guessed it half way through!! Hence I could not feel the jolt of surprise that everyone should feel :( Anyways the movie is not that big a special watch and definitely lets you down as compared to 'The Signs'. Felt like I should have seen 'Catwoman' cos I knew I wouldn't have had to use my head to see it and at the same time might have enjoyed watching the CAT purring around for 2 hours!! :-)

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