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   Wednesday, March 30, 2005  

Penelope Cruz on the Dave Letterman show!

Dave Letterman: "Its really good to have you on the show tonite, especially for the very first time and we have been waiting for this day for quite some time now."

Penelope Cruz in a typical Spanish accent: "Yah, I have been a very very shy person and when I came to America I was very afraid when I saw people come on the show and answer all the questions you ask. I used to think that all those people must be having real big balls to be on the show in front of you..." (HUGE APPLAUSE)

Dave Letterman: "Well.....we used to have that condition before, but not anymore!" ..... (APPLAUSE)

Dave Letterman is always cool and Penelope Cruz is amazing...

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   Tuesday, March 29, 2005  

After a long time, today I switched on the TV at 7pm and coincidently caught the American Idol going on. I had seen a little of the show in its early days when really really pathetic singers used to come up to give auditions. Comparatively now the singers a relatively talented. I use the word relatively cos I absolutely mean it. If you consider the absolute talent each singer on the show seems to be definitely lacking in something. Well maybe I am an antagonist! The theme for todays show is the 90's and half way through the show I haven't come across a really good song from those years. I have to mention that those were the years when MTV was just introduced in India or Mumbai, and I can boast I knew each and every hit during those days! But alas...
Anyways during the commercial break got to know another show coming up, named 'NANNY 911' which basically deals with spoilt children or brats (kids) who cannot be controlled by their parents, and hence enters NAnny 911 to save the mother and father!! I never thought someone would come up with such a show. This is the height in reality TV!! If this was to be in India during the days when I was a kid, I only knew one thing that if I behaved like that there was a nice 'KANA-KHAALI' (a hard slap in the face) coming my way! But here if the parent does that, he or she risks being arrested or prosecuted for physical abuse.
Yeah...one thing, the commercials during the breaks for American Idol are just too too amazing...some really good ones I'd say :-)

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   Monday, March 28, 2005  

Is this supposed to be a Spam Blog or a Hacked Blog?? Any ideas??


The link is inactive just to avoid spreading the menace, if anybody clicks on it unknowingly like me!!

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I reached home Friday night at 9.15pm and switched on the TV. The weather man was explaining the inflow of some clouds and issuing a warning that a thunder storm was on its way. 15 minutes later, the thunder storm warning had turned into a tornado warning, with its eye exactly passing from over Austin! It was an emergency weather report and the weather man said the safest place to be right now is at the most lowest place of the house like the basement. Exactly 20 minutes later, the roaring began and the rattling on the windows started increasing steadily. After a moment, the sounds on the windows was muffled by a huge continuous roar which seemed to be muffled only by our closed doors and windows and so we opened the door of our apartment. And out there it was....in its full glory....it seemed to be raging through our county at tremendous speed, ready to crush anything that was in its way. The sound it made was a deafening roar accompanied by the clatter due to the hail stones hitting on the cars, their size each nearly the size of a golf ball. This was the first time I ever saw a tornado, and really felt like Lord Shiva was doing his Tandav Nritya. The way it had been explained in the books, I saw it in real for the very first time. And all I can say is that we humans are just nothing but very puny and tiny in front of the wrath of nature! The above pic is not that great but the second car in the far behind is no more that 25 feet away from my door you can imagine the visibility. It was nothing but 25 minutes of shear wrath and anger. After the storm I looked up into the sky and saw the shining stars and a crystal clear full moon night! It seemed as if the sky had underwent a quick bout of weekend laundry :-)

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   Wednesday, March 23, 2005  


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   Saturday, March 19, 2005  

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   Wednesday, March 02, 2005  

On A Death Row!

Being sentenced to the gallows, not less than 24 hours earlier, I woke up today early morning. Like a convict on the death row, I prepared my own coffee, and switched on the TV to watch my favorite programme for the last time. It was the BBC World News. Enjoying the last mug of coffee, I got up and went for my last shower. Standing under the shower, I wondered to myself that not more than a couple of hours later, I am going to face the worse moment of my life when I feel the nooze tightening around my neck. I shaved properly to see to it that my face was absolutely smooth, even though it was my last moment I wanted to be presentable. Soon it was time to go and so I packed my belongings headed to the gallows. Twenty minutes later, I was there. As I entered the room I could see the nooze hanging out there, and also could feel it tightening around my neck.
   I headed to the front and reached the console and pressed some buttons. The LCD projector came to life. I opened the drawer and took out a small mic attached to a tie pin and fixed it into my shirt, and the cordless aparatus going into my belt. I tapped the mic and there was pin drop silence. The time had come!! With a lot of hesitation, and a million butterflies.....all at once, not in my stomach, but in my throat, the words flowed out reflexly........"Hi, Howz' it going?".......Then again...."Howz'.....(a silent pause)......It......(another silent pause).....Going! And then a big smile!! The full class of 160 students burst into a light laughter.....and I knew that my death sentence had been averted!!!
I got my death sentence a day earlier at around noon, when my professor called in and said he had to leave town due to some urgent meeting and wanted me to take over his lecture today early morning.
Indeed it was a fine day today, and Boy...Oh Boy.....it definitely feels great to be all alive!! :-)

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