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   Thursday, September 30, 2004  

When Luck Is On Your Side...

I always wonder when things have to go right they just go right and smooth and when not, it just doesn't happen. We had to get in a piece of equipment which was worth a fortune and big in size and mass and if things had to go wrong, they would have and we would have never been able to get the equipment into our department. Everything just went on so smoothly with the assigned people not showing up at the required time and the unexpected ones helping you out completely. I guess what has to happen will happen and will happen for the best!!!

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Strangers, acquaintances and friends!!

It happens so many times that the above two of three personalities on either end interchange places so easily! There are some people who make you feel comfortable during the first meet and like wise about yourself towards them and also there are friends whom you have known for so many years, but still you try to maintain a formal distance. Hence the thin line between friends and strangers is known as acquaintances. There are those whom you have known for so many years, but seldom indulge in conversations. But whenever conversation strikes, wavelengths just match and time flies. At the same time, just a brief 'Hi' from such a person assures you that everything is just going well.....whereas an hour long of meaningless conversation would still leave that 'strange' uncomfortable lingering feeling. But then as Bill Clinton once said "The definition of Diplomacy is to Keep the Conversation Going" :-)
What triggered this post.....just comparing the people I have met in the past two weeks or so.....making me wonder what was depicted in the movie 'Anand'....Every human is a transmitter and a receiver...and if the wavelengths match....thats it!

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   Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

My First Long Drive: Its been almost a month since I got my Jetta and I had been driving all around the city and avoiding freeways and high speeds. Finally today I merged onto Loop 1 which runs through Austin and is known to be among one of the better and civilized highways. Drove all through Loop1 until it ended and changed lanes and stuff. Then decided to go onto I-35 (the interstate highway that runs through Austin) South. Drove for a while and then decided that since we (my friend and me) are going south, why not drive all the way to San Antonio. My ex-roomie stays in San Antonio and so just popped up at his place to give him a surprise. It was a nice drive ~170 miles in round about 3 hours. Now I feel that I am Highway Certified and my phobia that my car won't reach the speeds of the highway are all gone. :-)

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I have decided, since I see a lot of movies I shall start making a list of those so that I can keep track and also voice my views about it. Here are a few which I have seen in the last 2 months starting from the most recent:

1. WITHOUT A PADDLE : * * * * * A comedy about a casual reunion of three school friends on a unique treasure hunt. A very easy going and smooth movie with very healthy humor.

2. HERO : * * * * Jet Li looks old, as Jackie Chan does in his recent movies. But mind you, the storyline is really good and the cinematography and the use of contrast colors in the movie are amazing! Do not
approach the movie with a martial arts mind set....its more emotional and philosophical rather than about martial arts.

3. Bourne Supremacy: * * * * * Very well made, I had posted a small review about it a while ago. Seeing the prequel is helpful.

4. Exorcist: The Beginning: * * * The chills that the original Exorcist sends down your spine can never be repeated. But the movie is OK, has its own little bit of horror punches.

5. Manchurian Candidate: * * * Denzel Washington is good. The movie is only 'good'....not very good or bad either.

6. The Village: * * Was very disappointed comparing this one to his initial releases.

7. I Robot: * * The only thing I liked in this movie was Asimov's rules that govern the duties of an artificially intelligent robot. Other than that, the last 45 minutes of special effects are OK. Rest is crap.

8. Maria Full of Grace: * * * * Its a Spanish movie about a girl who opts to be a mule to transport illicit drugs from Columbia into the US. Very well made focussing on how the girl thinks for herself and takes
the right decisions at the right time, while being concerned about her friends at the same time.

9. Before Sunset: * * * A good movie....easy going and no twists and turns. The cast acts very well (only 2 of them) in the whole movie.

10. The Day After Tomorrow: * * * * Very well made...should have seen it earlier.

11. King Arthur: * Felt like shouldn't have seen it. It is total crap.

12. White Chicks: * * * * Nice movie, makes you laugh a lot...kind of where you keep your brains aside and enjoy. The cast has acted very well indeed.

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   Tuesday, September 14, 2004  

Attended a concert by Veena Sahasrabudhe on Saturday evening. Her voice is just amazing and she herself was in a great mood to sing. The following was the classical menu for the evening:
Raag Maru Bihag;
Raag Hamsadhwani;
Raag Pooriya Kalyan;
Bhajan and then a beautiful classical version of 'Vande Mataram'. That was really really awesome...

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Philosophically speaking.....

Let loose someone and observe....you might be able to observe that some have a lower limit of moral baseline below which they do not venture. These baselines are ofcourse different for each one of us. You might even be more surprised to see that sometimes moral baselines just do not exist!!!

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   Sunday, September 12, 2004  

Attempt to Kidnap Catherine Zeta Jones!!

A Mexican gang of kidnappers tried to kidnap Catherine Zeta Jones when she was returning after a days shoot while filming for the movie 'Legend pf Zorro' in Mexico. The kidnappers were in a car and were heavily armed, when they tried to stop Catherine's car but her bodyguards in another car rammed into the kidnapper's car to foil their act. Catherine's driver seized this moment to pump on the gas and drive Catherine to safety. Pheeew.......what a relief!!! ;-) Read more here.

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   Thursday, September 09, 2004  

GLITTERATI..........GLITTERATI!!!! Of Gold Thrones......Diamond Chandeliers.....& Royale Blues!!!!
WOW.... the pictures look so beautiful........imagine being there in person!! Click here to see the Royal Wedding!!
"Observers said the event was relatively low-key by Bruneian standards" The Sultan, who was once the world's richest man, has toned down royal pomp since his brother lost $16bn of state funds through financial mismanagement.
16 billion $$$.....WOW...WOW....WOW!!!!!
The slide show by the TOI was the best that I could find!!

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I guess I received the first ad today in my spam mail, aimed at the holiday season coming in December! Such ads usually start showing up on TV during the 1st week of October, and the official holiday season starts from Thanksgiving onwards.

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   Friday, September 03, 2004  

Hurricane Frances...... is predicted to hit the State of Florida tomorrow at around 8am EST. Some frightening features of this hurricane are:

In size it is almost as big as the State of Texas. It has wind gusts reaching to an incredible speed of 115mph (185Km/hr) and is predicted to drop almost 15 inches of rain as it raves through the peninsula. 2.5 million Floridians have already evacuated their houses and taken shelter inland. The storm us predicted to grow stronger with winds reaching again to 145 mph, after the initial drop to 115mph. Home Depot stocks have have shown an instant rise due to the large sale of home necessity products and ply wood planks (usually used to protect glass panes and surfaces from the gusty winds). Police and residents who have stayed back have put up banners on their houses cautioning (after storm) looters not to go on a rampage or they will be shot.

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   Thursday, September 02, 2004  


Britney's Used Chewing Gum Sold on EBay

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Well have been awfully busy this past week, so couldn't post anything. But I have been reading some blogs here and there and that struck me, that I have 6 G-Mail invites. If anybody wants a G-Mail please email me. Idea struck after reading a similar post on Shanti's blog (www.madhoo.com). Thanks! By the way my e-mail is pseudofreud@gmail.com

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